Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1: What features are arriving with Demon Veil?

All the new things coming with Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1: Demon Veil (Image via Ubisoft)
All the new things coming with Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1: Demon Veil (Image via Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh year kicks in with its first season, Demon Veil, which brings a new defender operator and tons of changes. The next season is expected to arrive around March 15, 2022.

Ubisoft ensures that Rainbow Six Siege receives four major updates throughout the year, and the developers also provide smaller updates and hotfixes at regular intervals. The developers previously used to bring in two operators in one season, however, some changes were made in Year 6.


This article will mention every new change coming with the game's Y7S1 update.

What’s new with the Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 update?

First and foremost, Demon Veil brings a new operator named Azami, who will be joining the defenders in the game. With her architectural background, the operator has the ability to revamp sites according to her will.

Azami will be a two-speed, two-armor rated operator and will have access to weapons like 9X19SVN, ACS12, and D-50. As for her gadgets, she will have the option to choose between Impact Grenades or Barded Wire. For her main gadget, Azami brings a new Kunai-like device called Kiba Barriers that can deploy surfaces on command.

Along with this, a map named Emerald Plains will also get added to the game. However, players will only be able to access it mid-season.

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Rainbow Six Siege will also see the introduction of a new Deathmatch playlist that will be a permanent addition to the game and will have its own set of rules. The game will also get a new Attacker Repick option that will be available in every type of game mode, including ranked.

Players will also be able to pick their own preferred weapon sights as Ubisoft enables a universal weapon sight option.

Goyo’s previously teased rework will also be making an appearance in Demon Veil to give players a new way to use the operator in the game.

To make the player experience even better, Rainbow Six Siege will require a phone number verification to play ranked games. This is being added to the game to stop hacker re-entry after getting banned and constrain smurfing.

Console players will also get the option to use the Match Replay feature that has been present on the PC platform and will be able to save gameplay from up to 12 matches.

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