Rainbox Six Extraction release date, confirmed features, and everything else known so far

A new Rainbow Six game is coming very soon (Image via Ubisoft)
A new Rainbow Six game is coming very soon (Image via Ubisoft)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

January 20 will witness the release of Rainbow Six Extraction, a standalone game built into the Rainbow Six Siege universe. The game is an adaptation of the popular Outbreak mode, which received massive appreciation from all the players. Fans wanted a repeat of the game mode, but they will now be receiving a separate game.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and borrows several elements from Rainbow Six Siege. Apart from the base structure of the game, several popular operators from the original game will also be part of Extraction.

Can’t wait for Rainbow Six Extraction, just gonna go into stasis. extract us January 20th when it's available

With the game now available on pre-order, fans won't have to wait much longer, as the release date is almost here. A major relief for Ubisoft will be that the game has gained some positive traction lately, following an abysmal E3 showcase.

Rainbow Six Extraction will be a PVE game based on a fan-favorite mode

Rainbow Six Extraction looks set to build on the success of the Outbreak mode, which was a massive hit when it first appeared. Rainbow Six Siege players could finally play with and not against each other. The success could have been the main driver of Ubisoft's decision to proceed with a stand-alone game.

There were massive backlashes


At first, there was genuine excitement among the fans when something along the lines of Extraction was teased for the first time. But all hell broke loose after its trailer showcase in E3 2021. The major reason for the community's anger was how barebones the game looked, along with the $60 pricetag that Ubisoft had put on it.

Ubisoft incorporates feedback and a change in price

Unlike in the past, Ubisoft did take the feedback seriously and showcased several changes. The most significant change was the reduced price as the new prices were two-thirds of the original one. Although many felt a further price reduction could have been done, this appeased many fans.

2 different editions and will be available on day 1 for the Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction will be available in two editions during the pre-order period - Standard and Deluxe. The Standard edition is priced at $40, while the Deluxe edition, with additional cosmetic items, will be available at $50.

Alternately, Xbox Game Pass owners can make the most out of the release without paying additional fees. Rainbow Six Extraction will be available at no extra charge on the Xbox Game Pass right on day 1 (January 20).

We’re bringing Ubisoft+ to Xbox!! Expect more news in the future 👀Until then, play Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass & PC Game Pass on launch day!👉

With the game now being available at lower price points and the game pass, it remains to be seen what the reception for it will be. However, despite the change in prices, Ubisoft will have to ensure that there is enough content to keep the players interested, otherwise it might have a rough destiny.

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