"Ranked rewards are an absolute joke": Apex Legends players want better compensation in the wake of difficult matchmaking

Players want better rewards due to the increased difficulty of the current season (Image via EA)
Players want better rewards due to the increased difficulty of the current season (Image via EA)

Since the very start of the current season, matchmaking has been a major cause of concern in Apex Legends. Following a reset in ranks, players of varying skill levels have ended up jumbled together, obviously resulting in lopsided matches. The problem isn't just in casuals, as ranked games have suffered the same fate. While some have asked for the system to be changed, others are now demanding better rewards in ranked, given how difficult it has been.

Every ranked season brings a different set of changes and challenges that players need to adjust to. The current changes might be appreciated, but many players have reported that the current rank-up feels like too much of a grind. Respawn has yet to make any statement on it, but players are now requesting better rewards. This is in light of the harder situation that most players find themselves in at the moment in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends players want better rewards considering the difficulty of the current ranked mode

The original post was made by Reddit user u/GooComedian, who posted about their demands. Given how much more difficult the entire season has been, the user demanded better rewards like weapons and legend skins which can be earned by ranking up.

Other players also shared their opinions on how they felt about the current rewards and what they wanted instead. So far, Apex Legends has handed out visible dive trails for when players drop onto the map. However, one player stated that those aren't permanent and should be improved.

Witnessing the difficulty of the ranked mode at the moment, some players want the trails to be made permanent to justify the efforts they're putting into getting it.

One player suggested that Overwatch's golden gun system can work wonders when it comes to ranked rewards. It would offer something extra to players and would also incentivize them to perform better.

Some players feel that better rewards will not happen as it will mean lesser profits for EA and Respawn.

Another player countered the above-mentioned point by stating that players will tend to spend more if they get something for free. It's essentially the same way in which samples work in a commodity market.

One user stated that poor rewards can also be detrimental to Apex Legends in general. It could act as an incentive to stay, especially for higher-ranked players who may consider leaving the game. Such a situation would ultimately lead to a loss for Respawn and EA.

For some, the shift from permanent trails to temporary ones has acted as a major factor for them to stop playing ranked altogether.

Crafting materials is another suggestion for potential rewards, one player added.

One player wants improvements to be made to the arena mode achievements.

It's quite clear that the relatively more difficult nature of the ranked season is the main reason why some players want better rewards. For one player, they are alright with the grind if they get something substantial in return.

Some are quite bored with the state of ranked at the moment in Apex Legends.

While one player feels that more rewards are always welcome, there could be a potential issue with it. If someone gets an opponent with a higher-ranked cosmetic, it could demotivate them to fight.

While weapon cosmetics will be fine for some, they no longer want skins for legends. They believe that such rewards will again cause players to grind heavily in order to not miss out.

Whether Respawn actually improves the rewards for Apex Legends ranked will be a matter of the future. There were some reactions from players who feel that the ranked tips are fine. However, the comments mentioned above and the upvotes on the main post certainly indicate that there is a strong case to be made.