Redditor reveals scrapped campaign details for Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Redditor reveals scrapped Call of Duty BO4 campaign (image via Activision)
Redditor reveals scrapped Call of Duty BO4 campaign (image via Activision)

A shocking post by a Reddit fan revealed what fans were supposed to get for the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 campaign. Those who have played the game will know that Black Ops 4 is the only Call of Duty in history that does not have a traditional campaign mode, rather it is focused on missions led by multiplayer characters known as "Specialists."


In a recent Reddit post, a Redditor named u/Purpletoaster20 provided a massive amount of information with a detailed overview and 400+ photos regarding the scrapped campaign for Black Ops 4.

The images were from an early 2017 build and these images were merely ideas that never saw the light. However, the post owner explained in detail what fans missed out on four years ago.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4's canceled campaign details

The original campaign for Black Ops 4 was supposed to be called "Career." The post owner stated:

"It was scoped to be a 2v2 “race to the finish” mode as covered by Jason Schreier with his 2019 article covering the developer abuse within Treyarch. The mode was scrapped in early 2018 due to technical issues & the overall gameplay loop being described as too repetitive on top of the title being set to release a month earlier for October 2018."

The idea behind this campaign was to create an interactive story mode where players could engage and affect the story accordingly. Developer Studio Treyarch wanted to establish a live service where players could choose whether they wanted to play a single-player campaign or as multiplayer specialists combined into one single narrative.

Players' choices in the game could have made major changes. Depending on the situation, the next mission might have been different. All missions were supposed to be 15-20 minutes long and there were a total of six missions in the game with some of them having a timer in them.

The story was set in 2070 after the events of Black Ops 3. Hence, the futuristic setting in Black Ops 4 multiplayer would be similar to the campaign.


The world was in turmoil after a global pandemic was unleashed on the world. The world was divided into two factions, the Free People's Army on one side and the other one being the World United Nations.

The story wanted to focus on these 2v2 aspects, so that players could choose what they become. Depending on their perspective, they could become heroes/villains of the story.

There were a number of original characters, with each faction having their "Handler" to help infiltrate places and much more planned for the campaign. Furthermore, Treyarch also planned multiple DLCs to add later in the campaign. It is a travesty that we never got to experience what the game was supposed to be.

In the thread mentioned in the article, there is an in-depth analysis of the scrapped campaign.

To gain further knowledge and proof regarding this, there'll be a video on August 18 on the Redditor's YouTube channel named TheClosetIndian. Fans can tune in to find out what Black Ops 4's campaign could have been. As of now, there are enough videos and photos linked in the Reddit post to attest to the claim.

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