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Riot still hasn't addressed a game-breaking Killjoy glitch

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Brandon Moore
Modified 01 Dec 2020, 00:36 IST

Another game-breaking glitch is plaguing Valorant, this time courtesy of Killjoy and her Turret.

Killjoy players have found a way to hide the Turret and still allow it to land shots on the opposition. Inside of C Window on Haven, the Turret can be placed underneath the map.

Naturally, glitches like this see plenty of Valorant players take advantage. It is an exploit, but part of the game for the time being, so they see no issues in doing this. In a way, many feel the more it is used and pointed out, the faster Riot Games will deal with it.

Riot still hasn't addressed the game-breaking Killjoy glitch

Despite the publicity that this Killjoy Turret glitch has received, Riot Games has yet to even talk about it. There has been no acknowledgment of the issue whatsoever.

Game-breaking is putting it lightly. The Killjoy Turret becomes invincible. Enemies can't seem to destroy it but the turret can still tag them and point them out to the player.


With the First Strike Main Event set to happen across the globe, Riot Games has a lot on its plate at the moment. But this could affect that very competition they are so busy with.

It needs a fix and it needs it now.

Twitter users reach out for a fix

A quick search on Twitter will show that many players are noticing this glitch. These Valorant players are tagging the Valorant and Riot Games Twitter accounts, asking for the Killjoy Turret bug to be fixed.

It is unknown whether this glitch is due to a mishap with a recent patch or if it was there all along and just now revealed.

The last time something so game-breaking occurred was right before the start of the North American First Strike Qualifiers. Patch 1.11 had to be rolled back in its entirety.

With the announcement of a Public Beta Environment, much like in League of Legends, there is hope that issues like this Killjoy Turret glitch can be avoided. Riot Games has unfortunately pushed out some much less than perfect updates for Valorant in the past and this just appears to be another issue to add to the list.

Published 01 Dec 2020, 00:35 IST
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