"Roast of the century and she didn’t say a word": Apex Legends community on Bangalore and Newcastle animation

The game has recently added an exciting lobby screen animation for Newcastle and Bangalore (Image via Respawn)
The game has recently added an exciting lobby screen animation for Newcastle and Bangalore (Image via Respawn)

Apex Legends not only adds new legends from time to time but also deploys other captivating elements which make these characters resemble human behavior. There aren't many similarities between Bangalore and Newcastle, except for their name inspired by real cities.

In a recent post, one player pointed out the new lobby animation between the two characters. According to most of the members who reacted to the post, Bangalore completely roasts Newcastle in the clip.

Legends are the founding pillars of EA's futuristic battle royale, where players take on each other in squads. Each of these legends has its unique abilities and strengths.

Newcastle is one of the more recent additions and the chemistry he shares with Bangalore onscreen looks equally funny and impressive. The latter comes from Respawn's brilliance in the way they have coded this mini interaction in which Apex Legends players can't seem to have enough.

Bangalore roasts Newcastle in a new lobby animation in Apex Legends

The clip was posted by Reddit user u/itslik2002, who showed the interaction between Newcastle and Bangalore. The latter arrives at the video and seems to be roasting Newcastle based on her hand and body movements. This appears to be the overall consensus of most players who shared their opinions about the in-game animation.

One player prefers this over the new emotes that have been launched in the game. Players think those emotes look overtly cartoonish and resemble Fortnite better than Apex Legends.

Another person posted that while the new animation looks cool, it's also quite large. However, the most recent update has optimized the files and has reduced their installation size.

Some are happy that Bangalore has decided to loosen up for a change.

One player found a resemblance between the Apex Legends moments with a scene from GTA V. The scene the player was referring to is where Lamar makes fun of Franklin.

The animation has already made some fans, one stating just how good it is.

Some fans are so happy with this animation that they want this for more characters in Apex Legends.

While this has not been confirmed, one player informed that there might be two such animations. Another one occurs between Seer and MRVN.

There was also a reply from the official designer of the game. The designer showed his appreciation towards the community for loving their work.

The new animation is so relatable that one player commented that their sister also does the same.

Some feel that the new animation has given Bangalore's character a greater depth than earlier.

The recent update to Apex Legends might be large, but it has dramatically optimized the installation size of the game. While that's a very positive outcome, it has also added lobby screen animations that players love. It is undoubtedly the community's hope that more legends will also get such animations in the future.

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