All abilities of Newcastle in Apex Legends Season 13

Newcastle in Apex Legends (image via Respawn)
Newcastle in Apex Legends (image via Respawn)

Respawn Entertainment just dropped the trailer for Apex Legends season 13. While fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive, they had a chance to take a quick peek at the upcoming Legend, Newcastle.

According to lore, Newcastle is a defense Legend, and Bangalore’s brother, who was presumed dead. With his family being threatened, the champion of Harris Valley is back from the abyss to protect his loved ones.

Newcastle/Jackson William’s abilities are mostly focused on protecting his teammates. In the reveal trailer, Bangalore introduced this new character to fans, saying that no one but her knew the person behind the mask of Newcastle. The trailer then dove deep into Newcastle’s abilities in the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

A look at Newcastle's abilities in Apex Legends Season 13


Unlike other FPS battle royale games, Apex Legends is popular because of its character-driven stories and the unique abilities that the characters possess. Based on their attributes, the legends are categorized into four different classes: offensive, defensive, support and recon.

The new Legend in season 13 is a defensive Legend. According to Devan Mcguire (the person who designed Newcastle’s kit),

“Jackson was meant to be more of a protector to his family, to his squad, bring them home.”

This indicates that his defensive ability is more protective towards his teammates than himself. The reveal trailer further explained his abilities in Apex Legends.

Passive ability - Retrieve the Wounded


Newcastle can use his knockdown shield to drag wounded players to a safe location. His shield can block incoming bullets from enemies. While protecting his allies, he can also revive his teammates. This ability is a massive defensive cover in a team fight.

Tactical ability - Mobile Shield

His tactical ability is a projected energy shield, which can hover in midair during gunfights. This ability will also help his teammates have a decent cover. The said shield can be controlled by Newcastle during a fight. It can also block all weapon damage and grenades thrown towards it.

Ultimate ability - Castle Wall


Drawn from his back, his shield can transform into a massive wall, which can block all incoming attacks. Newcastle dives into action and slams the shield to the ground, activating a secure fortress for his teammates. If opposing players try to push through the wall, they will be slowed down by the energywall.

However, the Ultimate is not just a great defensive ability to help his teammates. While deploying the Castle Wall, Newcastle can leap to a target ally or an area with an increased speed. This ability can also be used as a great offensive tactic to help players gain an advantage in an open area.

Newcastle will drop into the arena with the release of season 13 of Apex Legends, on March 10.

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