Top 5 Apex Legends skins in 2022

A cast of Legends in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
A cast of Legends in Apex Legends (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends continues to be an incredibly popular battle royale, and not without reason. Its fast-paced gunfights and playable characters, dubbed ‘Legends,’ put a unique spin on the battle royale formula. Legends have their own abilities, along with the weapons and items found around the ever-shrinking map.

Last year, Respawn stated that 100 million players registered with Apex Legends. As of May 4, 2022, Steamcharts counted 299,197 concurrent players. That’s not even considering other platforms, which count 875,531 concurrent players, as of May 4, 2022, according to

The game's free-to-play model is part of its success, where anyone with a PC that meets the requirements or a supported console can play. Not to mention full crossplay. Naturally, to earn money, Apex Legends has a boatload of skins for each Legend. Here are the top five coolest Apex Legends skins in 2022.

The top 5 coolest Apex Legends skins in 2022

5) Wattson - Outland Explorer


Wattson’s childhood included a lot of exploring. Her original skin resembles that of astronaut gear, particularly the bright orange spacesuit cosmonauts wore.

How fitting then that Respawn Entertainment would design the Outland Explorer skin for Wattson. It compliments her character so well. Wattson definitely looks ready to discover ancient ruins and unearth long-forgotten treasures.

4) Wraith - Protector of the Void


Futuristic skins are pretty awesome, no doubt about it. But there’s something esthetically pleasing when a more fantasy approach is taken with the design of Apex Legends skins. For example, Wraith’s ‘Protector of the Void’ skin.

Instead of flashy sci-fi nodes and modules, the Protector of the Void goes back to metal and leather. Wraith also sports a long, braided platinum blonde ponytail. Wraith would like to be at home on the back of a dragon or storming a castle.

3) Fuse - Captain Dread


Fuse wearing his original skin wouldn’t look out of place on a boat, minus the sci-fi tech. Even his abilities, especially The Motherlode, have a pirate-like aesthetic to them. That’s why Captain Dread is arguably his coolest skin in Apex Legends.

Fuses’ Captain Dread skin gives him an appearance that best matches his vibe: a space pirate. The best part of the skin is definitely the skin color. It’s the same color as a corpse that experienced death by drowning, a bluish-gray tone. Very fitting for a pirate.

2) Caustic - Necrosis


Caustic’s backstory is a doozy, a tale of science gone wrong. What began with the goal of creating a pesticide turned into a crazed scientist wanting to test his poisonous gas on living tissue. Caustic’s Necrosis is not only a fantastic-looking skin, but it would also fit quite well with his backstory.

Consider this: Caustic develops his poison further, thanks to human trials. What if the mask he wore to protect himself from his own creation wasn’t enough? Perhaps in an effort to continue testing his poisonous gas without harming himself, Caustic takes on a cybernetic body with the Necrosis skin.

1) Revenant - A Gaze Eternal


Revenant’s ‘A Gaze Eternal’ skin is beautiful to look at and equally haunting. And similar to Caustic’s Necrosis skin, it’s oddly fitting for Revenant’s backstory.

Revenant was once a human and the greatest assassin among the Mercenary Syndicate. In death, he was experimented on and repurposed as Revenant. Of course, that leads to him wanting revenge. What makes 'A Gaze Eternal' so fitting is that perhaps the faces adorning his body were those that made him into the synthetic killing machine.

It’s okay if you don’t like any of these skins; to each their own. Leave a comment below and tell us which Apex Legends skins you like or are your personal favorites.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

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