Revenant Esports to become the only Indian Apex Legends team to participate in ALGS Playoffs in 2022

Revenant Esports Apex Legends roster (Image by Revenant Esports)
Revenant Esports Apex Legends roster (Image by Revenant Esports)

Revenant Esports, mostly known for their top-notch talent competing in Battlegrounds India, Call of Duty Mobile, have just announced their first-ever Apex Legends team from India.

They already have five sections competing in different tournaments: Battlegrounds Mobile India, Free Fire, Valorant, Wild Rift EU and Call of Duty Mobile. Their Apex team is now a part of the global competition as well.

Revenant Esports announces their Apex Legends roster for 2022 ALGS Playoffs

In the upcoming event in Sweden, Revenant Esports will become the first organization from India to participate in the ALGS playoffs against top tier clans from all over the world. These monster teams are like the likes of G2 Esports, Cloud9, TSM, 100 Thieves, and more.

In their latest tweet, Revenant Esports announced their all-new Apex Legends Roster, which will be participating in the ALGS Playoffs in Stockholm at the end of this month.

The roster that was presented by Revenant Esports currently consists of Muhammad Iqbal “Bellkun” Salis, Zidan "MeXiouSx" Syahada, and Muhammad "laheem" Ilham. Revenant Esports also announced their coach for the Apex Legends team from India, Hasan Ali “FATTMONSTER” Naqvi.

Hasan Ali “FATTMONSTER” Naqvi is a veteran player of the game and a well-known face in the community. As the excitement is high, he also added,

"Being the only Indian organization competing at the ALGS Split 2 Playoff in Stockholm makes me very proud since I am also the only Indian Coach/Player at the event. Our players from Indonesia are very excited to have joined Revenant Esports as well & are looking forward to the exciting future. We are hoping to bring the trophy home from Stockholm."

Apex Legends is one of the most competitive FPS in the market. With the community getting bigger and better, it has now caught the attention of the Indian audience.

Not so long ago, India was not a big part of the global esports community. Now, the country has also stepped into the big game.The game itself is now on its biggest stage.

It has just achieved its highest player numbers in history and the success of the ongoing ALGS Split 1 Pro League is something that the developers originally envisioned. With the launch of the Apex Legends Global Series, the game is better than ever.

Being one of the fastest-growing gaming organizations in India, Revenant Esports is making a big leap by participating in the Playoffs. Some of the best-established teams from different regions will also be a part of the event. Players are hoping that Revenant Esports will give them great competition.

More about ALGS 2022

Sweden is hosting the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Split 2 Playoffs in the city of Stockholm. This event will be played as a LAN (Local Area Network). The Playoffs will start on April 29 and end on May 1, 2022.

The Playoffs will be split into three stages. On April 29th, the Group Stage matches will begin and 40 teams will be split into four groups. At this stage, 20 teams with the highest score will start the Bracket Stage matches in the Winners Bracket, and the other 20 teams will be in the Losers Bracket round 1.

The top 10 teams from the Bracket Stage will then advance on their journey to the Finals, which will be held on May 1.