Call of Duty: Warzone 2 - New leak suggests an "interrogation feature" in the game

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is in development and has been confirmed by Activision (Image via Activision)
Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is in development and has been confirmed by Activision (Image via Activision)
Debabrata Naiya

A recent leak about Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has just hit the market. The rumored feature that will allegedly be included in the upcoming iteration of Call of Duty's premium battle royale experience is probably the most unique in the franchise's history.

While Warzone is still running and has the biggest crossover "Operation Monarch" in the game right now, fans seem to be more excited about the forthcoming segment than the original one.

Few details have come to light so far about the upcoming title and developer Infinity Ward has not confirmed anything yet. However, earlier this year, Activision revealed that the next Warzone is in development and will be built from the ground up.

According to prominent leaker, Tom Henderson, the upcoming iteration will be a complete "clean slate" for Warzone. Many leaks and rumors have been floating around since the start of the year. As time passes, various trusted sources are confirming multiple leaks and systems that'll be added to the next iteration.

Warzone 2 set to have an "interrogation feature" like Rainbow Six Siege

🚨NEW ‘Interrogation’ FEATURE COMING TO #Warzone 2!Players will be able to ‘interrogate’ downed enemies to reveal their teammates location.STAY TUNED for more by FOLLOWING @WarzoneInformer.

In his most recent Exputer exclusive, Tom Henderson spoke about a new feature that's going to completely change the way players approach the game.

As per the leak, the next segment will feature an interrogation feature that all players in the game will have access to. The feature is similar to Rainbow Six Siege's interrogation system and will allow players to reveal information about their teammates when they are in a downed state.

The report shows that when opposing players will down enemies, an "interrogation" prompt will show up on their screen. Once players press the mapped button, they will carry out an execution-style animation to kill the downed enemies. After they kill an enemy, their teammates' location will immediately become visible on their minimap.

The report also revealed further details about the new feature in the game:

"The interrogation feature seems to be in its early stages, with the current animation just being some form of Stim Shot animation, where you inject the player (or maybe it’s a truth serum)! The whole animation and process currently takes around six seconds."
🚨 NEW #Warzone 2 LEAKS:• New ‘bag’ feature, bag carries your weapons and killstreaks etc• 5 attachments• Pro perks return• Highrise will be on the new Warzone map• Breach stronghold buildings to gain access to a loadout STAY TUNED by FOLLOWING @WarzoneInformer.

As everything that has been leaked is in an early stage, they are subject to change. It is quite unclear if the feature will make it to the final stage of the game or not as the game's current build has more to add. So, fans can hope that the developer Infinity Ward is trying their best to live up to expectations.

The exclusive by Tom Henderson also suggested some other leaks about a completely new Armor Vest system and Bag system, similar to Blackout and Escape from Tarkov.

So far, the release date of the game is unknown. However, fans can expect the new iteration of Warzone to be available to play early next year.

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