Hideo Kojima's next game is allegedly a horror title called Overdose, according to rumor

Fans are looking forwards to what is in store from the renwoned game maker (Images via Hideo Kojima/505 Games)
Fans are looking forwards to what is in store from the renwoned game maker (Images via Hideo Kojima/505 Games)
Siddharth Patil

A new title by renowned developer Hideo Kojima is under development at his production studio. The news was leaked by prominent industry insider Tom Henderson on Try Hard Guides. It is apparently a horror game and a new IP at that.

After parting ways with Japanese publisher Konami, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima found his own niche. The iconic game director partnered with 505 Games to deliver Death Stranding in 2019.

The sci-fi "strand-like" action-adventure was a unique exploration open-world game that received overwhelming praise - and also polarized many at the same time.

New horror game from Hideo Kojima might be called Overdose

Here's the final trailer for DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT! (9.24 release)It was recorded and self-edited from a PS5 output in wide mode.Please watch it in a sound environment!Enjoy it! If you want to see it in 4K, please visit KJP Youtube…

Henderson claims to have received footage from an anonymous source for the upcoming title, a third-person game.

The trailer features a curious character in blue attire walking down dark corridors and holding a flashlight. It is none other than Death Stranding's Mama (pictured) who is played by Margaret Qualley. It seems that the game can be played in first-person too.

Of course, he clarified that it is not the rumored Death Stranding 2. This was made clear by a jumpscare near the end of the trailer. It brought up a 'Game Over' screen and then 'A Hideo Kojima Game,' followed by 'OVERDOSE.'

He added that Microsoft was in talks with Kojima to publish their next game. However, it was not possible for Henderson to verify if this was the game being discussed.


Unfortunately, no gameplay details were mentioned. This does beg the question of the type of gameplay Overdose will feature. This is a point to note because prior to his fallout with Konami, Kojima and his development studio were tasked with developing Silent Hills, a reboot of the Japanese publisher's acclaimed survival horror series of the same name.

A first-person demo was released for the PS4 in 2014 which drove fan hype to the max, but it sadly came crashing down after the title was cancelled. Konami has fallen from fans' graces ever since. Perhaps Overdose is a spiritual successor to Silent Hills?

Is there a possibility of a new game from the MGS creator in the future?

Here's a look at more than 30 partners that will participate in #SummerGameFest activities across June.Stay tuned for more announcements and details in the coming days!

With a plethora of new events lined up for the immediate future, there is a good chance of Overdose being revealed if the rumor is to be entertained. Summer Game Fest, for example, will showcase games from various publishers. Microsoft's Xbox is one of them as well, so fans might want to keep that livestream on the radar.

Additionally, with Death Stranding being the last game developed, there is bound to be something new in the works.

Taking the aforementioned Death Stranding 2 as an example, American actor Norman Reedus, who portrayed the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in the original, revealed that a sequel is indeed in the works. That could also see an official announcement soon.

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