Kamisato Ayato leaks in Genshin Impact: Everything known so far (February 2022)

Ayato's official art (Image via Genshin Impact)
Ayato's official art (Image via Genshin Impact)
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The official Genshin Impact Twitter account recently released a photo of Ayato, sparking much interest from the community in various leaks.

Ayaka's brother has been a character that many Travelers have been dying to know more about since his name appeared. Based on what current leaks can reveal, his release date will be in the first banner of Genshin Impact 2.6 (possibly March 30, 2022). Other than that, they only have some crumbs about what his moveset could be or other details pertaining to him.

His in-game model hasn't been shown yet (although his official art can be seen above). Predictably, there is also no gameplay footage for Travelers to see regarding his idle animations or abilities.

Instead, they only have text leaks to go off of at the moment. Whether they're legitimate or not remains to be seen.

Everything known about Kamisato Ayato through Genshin Impact leaks (February 2022)

"The game of politics is fraught with peril. My Lord does not take any joy in these 'battles.' For him, it's just... a matter of duty" — Thoma◆ Kamisato Ayato ‧ Pillar of Fortitude◆ Head of the Kamisato Clan◆ Hydro◆ Cypressus Custos#GenshinImpact

It's worth looking at what's officially been revealed about Ayato. There were some old leaks discussing how he looks, but the official Twitter account posted a picture of him (shown above). Thus, it's less necessary to cover old and outdated leaks involving his appearance.

The above tweet also confirms that he is a Hydro user. Several leaks refer to him as a 5-star Hydro unit, although information on his moveset is still sketchy and unverified.

Ayato release date

A little 🐦 told me Ayato will be the first of 2.6

Normally, a character is bound to debut soon when they're revealed on the official Twitter account. He wasn't seen as one of the 5-star characters in the 2.5 livestream, so it would make sense for him to appear in Genshin Impact 2.6.

Several older leaks stated that he would be on the first banner of the 2.6 update. Assuming that these leaks are authentic, that would point to a release date of March 30, 2022.

Naturally, it's unknown who the 4-star characters will be on his banner. There are also several conflicting leaks talking about the 5-star character reruns, including characters such as:

  • Yoimiya
  • Ayaka
  • Kazuha
  • Venti

Ayato's abilities in Genshin Impact

this is from the same leaker who drew yae's kit before. take it with a grain of salt ‼

There are many leaks covering his moveset in Genshin Impact; the problem is that many of them either contradict one another or aren't clear to interpret. For example, the person who supposedly drew Yae Miko's kit accurately drew the above picture.

A text leak (Image via Genshin Impact Leaks Reddit)
A text leak (Image via Genshin Impact Leaks Reddit)

There are many text leaks for his kit, but it's worth noting that there is no credible evidence that proves what's correct or incorrect. Parts of this leak align with what one credible leaker (Dimbreath) posted about both Yae Miko and Ayato's moveset.

Both leaks reference the Elemental Skill that taunts nearby enemies, as well as an ability with four levels to it. The previous text leak is more specific than the one shown above as it's newer, but readers should still take it with some skepticism until video leaks start happening.

Artifact rumors

A few leaks from TZ (Image via @genshincyen)
A few leaks from TZ (Image via @genshincyen)

The second half of this leak lines up with what a few other credible leakers have stated, so there is a good chance that the first half is accurate too. It's unknown what the artifact set is supposed to do, other than that it would synergize excellently with Ayato's moveset.

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