Recent Nintendo Switch rumors suggest major game reveals coming soon: New Super Mario, GameCube Remasters, and more

If rumors are to be believed, then the future has some exciting stuff in store for Switch fans (Images via Nintndo/EA)
If rumors are to be believed, then the future has something exciting in store for Switch fans (Images via Nintendo/EA)

Another month presents another chance for Nintendo Direct to pop up in the rumor mill. This year has been littered with some eyebrow-raising game leaks regarding the iconic Nintendo Switch and to everyone's delight, there's more to come.

These range from reiterations of alleged remastered titles and new projects to the port of an acclaimed third-party multiplatform game.

Nintendo pulling no punches for future game reveals according to recent leaks

1) A new 2D Super Mario game is in development


This comes from Zippo, who claims a brand new 2D Mario title is in development and is being helmed by the company's in-house EAD team. According to him:

  • It will no longer be bound by the "New Super" tag and will instead be an independent title.
  • It will feature a new art style that will supposedly take some people by surprise.
  • Development is going well, and the title could even be wrapped up soon.
  • Online multiplayer will be a feature
  • Will feature the return of Foreman Spike
  • Set to release during the 2023/2024 fiscal year

Aiming for 2024 seems odd if the game is nearing completion, however, FY2023 doesn't sound impossible. The latter period runs from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. The last entry in the series was New Super Mario Bros U, first released for the Wii U and then enhanced for the Switch as a Deluxe version.

2) Various GameCube remasters are primed for Switch


Speaking on the The Nintendo Shack 240 podcast, Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb doubled down on his previous statements about the alleged GameCube remasters. In addition to the Metroid Prime overhaul, other games from the iconic purple boxconsole will also make the transition. These include the two Legend of Zelda games: "Wind Waker" and "Twilight Princess."

We’re gonna do a lot of winning this month, Gamecube nation ✊

Other leakers also seem to be in on it, including Liam Robertson and NateDrake of Direct Feed Games. The former suggested that GameCube games are coming in some form to Switch. The latter, meanwhile, seems to have dropped a hint on the games being F-Zero GX and Zelda, with the "Zero to hero" tweet.

@Doctor_Cupcakes From Zero to hero just like that.

Speaking of F-Zero, insider SyluxHunter hinted that the sci-fi racer is also arriving in some fashion. This lines up with Direct Feed Games' tweet as well. Furthermore, insider Emily Rogers took to the Famiboards forums to spell out the same, saying:

"No, it's true. Nintendo is going crazy with remasters and remakes. Most of the remasters mentioned in this thread are either in development or under serious consideration at Nintendo."

3) EA is bringing their award-winning It Takes Two game to the platform


This one came via The Snitch, who dropped hints in the form of emojis on his private Discord server. Each emoji supposedly represents a level in the 2019 3D platformer co-op title. The game sees two players working together to overcome challenges as they traverse a magical world after being turned into dolls.

(FYI) The Snitch hints that It Takes Two coming to Switch

This leaker is quite credible, having unearthed the third-party June showcase from Nintendo. Furthermore, Jeff Grubb also claims that It Takes Two is coming to the platform, which is yet again suggested on the Shack stream. The game will be making an appearance at the Direct.

4) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel could finally get an official name


Also discussed during the Nintendo Shack livestream, Jeff Grubb believes an upcoming Nintendo Direct showcase is a great opportunity for the studio to offer a working title for the successor to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game was confirmed to be delayed to 2023, so this could be a small reveal to encourage fans. Given how closely these leaks have popped up, it wouldn't be a stretch to believe them. Direct is apparently set for later this month, which further strengthens these rumors.

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