Warzone 2 new leak reveals major information about future of slide canceling in Call of Duty

Warzone 2 slide cancel information leaked (Image via Activision)
Warzone 2 slide cancel information was leaked (Image via Activision)

A new Warzone 2 leak suggests that players can turn on/off the slide canceling mechanism in the game. As leaked by the popular content creator Metaphor on Twitter, slide canceling won’t be included in the upcoming beta.

However, users will have the option to turn it on or off in the game’s final release.

Slide canceling is a movement mechanism that allows gamers to move around the map quickly. It is faster than simply sprinting in the game, allowing them to move quicker and making them a harder target to hit.

The upcoming Modern Warfare 2 marks the beginning of a new generation for Call of Duty. As players transition into the next generation of Call of Duty, the fan-favorite Warzone shall also receive a sequel called Warzone 2. It will feature the same mechanics as Modern Warfare 2 and will be based on Modern Warfare 2’s universe.

Everything about slide canceling in Warzone 2

As per the leak by Metaphor, slide canceling won’t be a feature in the game’s beta release. The leaker suggested that this will probably be done to check the Call of Duty community’s reaction to said movement mechanism.

The non-implementation of the slide canceling feature in the beta release has users speculating that Call of Duty is likely moving in a direction where advanced movement mechanics such as slide canceling will be removed altogether from the game.

However, based on the leak, the title’s final release will allow gamers to turn the feature on or off.

What is slide canceling in Warzone?

Slide canceling is an important form of movement in Warzone. It has big, vast maps, where players often find themselves in open areas. The objective is to get away from open areas and be around some cover whenever possible, as enemies can hit from all sides.


The tactical sprint makes the character run faster than normal sprints, but the tactical sprint time in the game is limited. Users can run for a short period at once before running off tactical sprint time.

However, using slide cancelation, they can instantly recharge their tactical sprint time and then run again. Thus, it allows gamers to move quickly from one position to another.

They can also evade enemy fire and escape unfavorable situations as fast as possible to safety. If players have the upper hand, sprint canceling will enable them to chase down their enemies or even take them out while being a hard target to hit.


As fans wait for the next generation of Call of Duty, they find themselves amidst more leaks and rumors, thus adding to the hype. The upcoming Modern Warfare 2 is all set to be the most advanced Call of Duty game in the series featuring advanced AI, new audio technologies, and graphical upgrades.

Warzone 2 will come out soon after Modern Warfare 2’s launch. As per speculation, the game will be launching on November 16 this year.

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