Who might be the antagonist of Horizon Forbidden West?

There's a lot of alleged information going around, and if true, it is huge (Image via Guerilla Games)
There's a lot of alleged information going around, and if true, it is huge (Image via Guerilla Games)
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Horizon Forbidden West may have been spoiled on Reddit two years ago by a burner account. The Reddit account described what would ultimately become the Horizon Forbidden West title, then called Horizon 2: Singularity. They did also say the name wasn’t final. The post in question talked about some major plot points and game mechanics.

Within this post, there were several mechanics described that are confirmed in the sequel, so perhaps the enemy named the Oshua may really be the primary antagonists of Horizon Forbidden West.


Are the Oshua really the antagonists of Horizon Forbidden West?

The original leak talked about the Oshua and Vast Silver as the principal antagonists of the Horizon sequel, where the Oshua wanted to insert The Silver One in a war machine - one of the war machines from before the robot apocalypse.

The first leak of Horizon spoilers discussed the basic story, where Aloy, Varl and a group of Nora braves are tracking down a rogue AI. After tracking it down to some ruins, the rogue AI was found and named HEPHAESTUS. By the time they returned to the embrace, though, Oshua had taken over.

Oshua was described as having 18th-century technology with primitive computer networking. If this is true, this new faction could do a lot to shape the world and lore of Horizon, and give a brand new, powerful menace to overcome for Aloy.

They also posted several paragraphs of "The Deep Lore", with as many details about the story as the writer could possibly remember.

A leak to the present

After a few years, the spoiler Reddit post is relevant again, courtesy of Vincent201007 on Reddit. In the post, the user highlighted the overhauled climbing mechanic and the grappling hook that was leaked years ago. It became the free climbing mechanic that is coming in Horizon Forbidden West.

In the more recent post, it was suggested that this could be the “stronger tribe” mentioned in the “Tribes of the Forbidden West” trailer. In the video, the narrator talks about rumors of a much stronger tribe, strangers who passed the shore.


This gives the potential spoiler some credence, and within the original post, a group called the Oshua was revealed. A significantly more advanced tribe, the Oshua gained advanced technology from a rogue AI, Vast Silver. Vast Silver was also referenced in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Vincent also suggested the "climate-intervention AI" originally talked about in the leak could be the source of the strange storms plaguing the land in the upcoming game. This could be the work of Vast Silver, especially as a powerful Rogue AI.

There are some differences between the original leak and the Horizon Forbidden West, which is not surprising in the world of game development. One of the major differences is the original leak showing the Oshua being from the Mojave. Much of the footage from Horizon Forbidden West is in San Francisco’s ruins.

Aloy, in the above trailer, talked about strangers who pass the shore, so the Oshua coming from the Mojave could still be legit. It may simply mean that the game developers set a portion of the game in that locale.

The possibility of this tribe also being the most advanced yet would lend well to this concept. A tribe in this setting would have to be incredibly powerful to come that far and make it to the ruins of San Francisco.

That location could have been changed, or it could all have been made up and coincidental. All leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is a fascinating reveal from several years ago. If true, Horizon Forbidden West is going to be very interesting.

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