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Rust creator "Garry Newman" has a message for players who often get toxic

Image via Garry Newman
Image via Garry Newman
Modified 12 Jan 2021, 00:51 IST

The toxic Rust community has no sympathy from the game's creator, as seen in a tweet where he pokes fun at them for complaining after being banned.

Garry Newman, the creator of Gary's Mod and Rust, seems tired of players who shout obscenities and racist slurs in the game, and then complain on Twitter or a YouTube video directly after. He sarcastically took their same tone and pointed out the ridiculous nature of the complaint.

They have many names: griefers and trolls being the most popular, but regardless of what they are called, they derive most of their fun when they ruin the game for others.

These trolls express racial or homophobic slurs and signs, place a spike wall in front of someone's door, and just go out their way to make someone cry or feel bad.

Even Pokimane recently quit the Offline TV server due to the hostile reception that she had to undergo.

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There seems to be no disagreement with the community that those who play games to make others feel bad don't belong on public servers. Many Rust players, who do not play in the Offline TV server, state that this is normal behavior.

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Regardless of how certain players may feel about the Rust servers, there are still many that don't understand that the tweet from Garry Newman was sarcastic.

Rust Offline TV server drama seems to start with popular streamers disagreeing with how the game is played

Garry Newman seemed to be referencing the recent bans of Zuckles and Ser Winter from Offline TV in a tweet. The argument that fans and these streamers have made is that they haven't done anything out of line.

The section of the Rust community that supports Ser Winter says that they play to kill other plans and be the best. They added that xQc does the same thing but has not faced any consequences because he has a large fanbase.


On YouTube, Ser Winter has 564k subscribers, and xQc has 1.31 million subscribers. On Twitch, Ser Winter has 64.7k followers, and xQc has 7.4 million followers.

This argument would hold some credibility if Zuckles weren't banned, with 1.27 million subscribers on YouTube and 259k followers on Twitch. xQc definitely has more of a fanbase dedicated to Rust and does play aggressively.

Still, Offline TV has a code of conduct that they would like players to follow. There are other public servers available if players aren't satisfied.

Gameplay in Rust is a sandbox. It's built on what the players decide instead of being told how to act, as long as it is not racist and bordering on abusive.

There are, of course, many kind-hearted Rust players. They like to play as the paragons of justice, want to have a good time, and are just as vocal as the others. This does pose an interesting question about the future of online sandboxes.

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Published 12 Jan 2021, 00:22 IST
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