Sales number of Elden Ring proves Horizon Forbidden West developer wrong as the latter's sales fall by 80%

Elden's sales could be eating up that of Horizon Forbidden West in the UK (Images via Guerilla Games, FromSoftware)
Elden's sales could be eating up that of Horizon Forbidden West in the UK (Images via Guerilla Games, FromSoftware)

Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring appear to be curiously tangled in a war on social media despite the two games differing in many areas from each other.

Firstly, the two games have completely different settings, and the genres are also more different than similar. The only area of similarity is that both games are open world. As far as accessibility is concerned, one is a PlayStation exclusive while the other is available across all major platforms.

A couple of days ago, Twitter user @bigrebo criticized the quest design of Elden Ring. Incidentally, this person is associated with the quest design of none other than Horizon Forbidden West.

Amidst the ongoing debate, sales numbers from the UK might show that fans seem to think that the quest design is fine. If anything, there are some alarming signs for Horizon Forbidden West if numbers are concerned.

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Horizon Forbidden West sales fall by 80% in the UK, with Elden Ring as the possible reason

According to a report, Elden Ring has possibly hit hard in the UK as it tops the sales charts. This number combines sales of both physical and digital copies. It was the most significant launch outside FIFA and Call of Duty games since Red Dead Redemption 2.

The points @bigrebo had criticized Elden Ring for not holding as far as fans in the UK are concerned. Sales are always a great indicator, even if they may not always be the proper parameter.

Despite the inherent difficulty of the soulslike genre, fans seem to be sold on the game's concept. The numbers indicate how @bigrebo may have been wrong, as the game has sold 2.5 times more than Horizon Forbidden West.

This is obvious given that Horizon Forbidden West is only available on PlayStation consoles. However, Elden's rise to fame has probably impacted the sales of Guerilla Games' latest release.

The combined sales of Horizon Forbidden West are down by 80%, which slides it down to second in the list. When digital sales are only considered, it has fallen behind the numbers of FIFA 22, which is quite worrying.

There is no direct indication of whether one game has eaten into the sales. However, this appears to be a possible case, given the closeness of the two releases.

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Most importantly, if fans are to conclude anything, it might be the possibility of Horizon Forbidden West having a poorer game design than Elden Ring. The two games have been two great releases, but Sony could regret the decision of having released the game in February.

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Edited by Shaheen Banu
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