Shatterline: Weapon modification system guide 

Shatterline: Weapon Modification System Guide  (Image via Shatterline)
Shatterline players should follow this guide to experiment with their inventory (Image via Shatterline)

Shatterline stole the show when it came to the FPS rogue-like genre ever since it dropped on steam last week. Competitive online games have asserted dominance in the video game industry for a long time.

Successful franchises like Call of Duty and Apex Legends feature innovative gameplay mechanics to draw more attention to their platforms. However, both have their own flaws, making players want a game where they get the best of both worlds.

This is where Shatterline comes in with flashy and experimental features integrated into its fluid gameplay mechanics. One of these experimental features is a reimagined weapon modification system that ensures players master each gun in a specific tier to advance to the next.

Weapon modification is basic need in Shatterline

Progressing through tiers

Tiers system (Image via Shatterline)
Tiers system (Image via Shatterline)

New players are greeted with five different tiers of weapons, out of which only the first one will be usable. Each tier also has five weapons in its arsenal, which includes guns for every possible scenario in the game. Players can freely choose which weapon would work best for them, but unlocking more would take a considerable amount of grinding.

Each tier has an assault rifle, sub-machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, and a secondary weapon. While each tier unlocks new guns, using the old ones will level them up and unlock certain weapon attachments that can significantly affect gameplay.

Players will gain Tier XP points and Weapon XP points as they spend more time in the game with the weapon they want to level up. However, each weapon can be leveled up to its current cap of 10, and once it reaches its maximum level, players can no longer gain Experience points from it.

While all 25 weapons in Shatterline have unique advantages, finding a gun that suits one would be tough as players need to put more time and energy into the game.

Tips for conquering the system

Attachment and customization menu (Image via Shatterline)
Attachment and customization menu (Image via Shatterline)

Each weapon has three attachment slots, and one must collect XP from that particular gun to unlock all ten attachments. Carefully plotting these three essential attachments can drastically improve the gun's performance against enemies.

For now, most of the player base has not mastered every weapon in the game, so it's prime time for players to invest time and find out their choice of weaponry.


However, Shatterline's community is hell-bent on finding the optimal meta, and exploiting them shouldn't take long. Frag Lab has promised frequent bug fixes and improvements to the gameplay, but maintaining the well-distributed abilities of these versatile guns will be a challenge.

To ensure a steady flow of Tiers and Weapons XP, players should frequently check the level status of their guns, as grinding on the same gun after it's maxed out would be futile. Making sure one uses their secondary gun would also help them attain more XP and unlock more weapon Tiers.

Investing money into skins for weapons isn't advisable as the game is still in the early stages of development, and significant gun changes might still be around the corner.

Final thoughts

Shatterline is a breath of fresh air among other titles and has caught the attention of the vast majority of FPS rogue-like enthusiasts willing to give the game a fair chance.

Keeping one's weapon modifications in check is key to improving gameplay, especially during the early stages when the game features unfamiliar but fluid mechanics.