"Shocked it wasn't released with glitches": Fans in awe after Elden Ring completes successful launch amid massive appreciation

FromSoftware did an excellent job when it comes to healing old wounds (Image via FromSoftware)
FromSoftware did an excellent job when it comes to healing old wounds (Image via FromSoftware)

After years of teasing the fanbase with zero to no information regarding Elden Ring, FormSoftware finally released its masterpiece on February 25.

The game was first introduced to the world back in 2019 during E3. Since then, both FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have remained utterly silent about any developments regarding Elden Ring’s status or release date.

During last year’s international expo, at Summer Game Fest 2021, FormSoftware finally released a trailer for the game along with a possible release date finalized this year to be on February 25.

Hailing from the souls-borne genre, Elden Ring was expected to achieve or surpass the level set by its predecessors in the genre as fans waited for the game to release. Finally, after its release, fans were left with nothing less than pure joy as they received exactly what they expected in the first place.

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Elden Ring sets the bar high up again

Ever since the immaculate success of The Witcher series was handed out by CD Projekt Red(CDPR), fans were left with big expectations for their next project, Cyberpunk 2077.

However, after its release, the game received extreme amounts of hatred and criticism. CDPR not only created a much-downgraded version of the game as shown in its trailer graphics-wise but also included countless bugs and glitches that rendered the game unplayable for fans.

After the CP2077 fiasco, fans have been speculative about whether another AAA title created by a successful and beloved developer would end up the same way as CDPR did. As creators of the souls-borne genre, the pressure was on FromSoftware to make sure they delivered what they promised to the fans.

After the release of Elden Ring, fans were reassured that the game was complete in all senses and had zero to no bugs or microtransactions of any sort included in the game.

Check out the updated Elden Ring PS4 here.

The CP2077 release has left such a massive scar in the hearts of AAA game fans that it would have taken nothing less than a miracle to regain their trust. And FromSoftware did precisely what was needed as they delivered yet another flawless title, remaining true to their fanbase and AAA fanbase alike.

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