Should you have alt characters in Lost Ark?

A promotional image for Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
A promotional image for Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that allows players to explore the world with multiple characters across different servers.

Players will often find themselves with a "main" that they play more often than any other character. Some might not even go through the trouble of having an alt character whatsoever.


For those who thoroughly enjoy Lost Ark and want to discover all it has to offer, having alt characters is a must. There are some secrets to uncover that might not be found on the first playthrough.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Should a player have alt characters in Lost Ark?

The choice is completely up to the player, of course, but if they have any doubts on whether or not to create an alt character in Lost Ark, the answer is a resounding yes.

There can be multiple characters under a single account and it comes with some great benefits. There is no reason why a player should simply refuse to run through the game with another character or characters.

Benefits of alt characters

A look at some of the classes found in Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
A look at some of the classes found in Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)

The benefits greatly outweigh the risks when it comes to alt characters. Truly, the only risk is not putting the same amount of time into the main character as one would have before.

Here are all of the amazing benefits:

  • Shared Roster: Some items can be used across all characters on one account. Things like currency, mounts, cards, and more will be shared. As well, certain weapons and gear may be labeled "bound to account." A weapon that might not fit one character could be used on another who is a perfect fit.
  • Different Experiences: Multiple characters allow players to experience Lost ark differently each time. Whether it be through different classes, different roleplaying styles, or simply finding out some details that were missed the first time around, the experience could be drastically changed.
  • Separate Servers: This goes along with a different experience. Playing on a separate server with an alt character, rather than the main server, could see players meet new friends, take on vastly different PvE and PvP scenarios, and interact with the world of Arkesia in a brand new way.
  • New Builds: The main reason for alt characters is to see what kind of character builds can be made. A player may want to change a few things up during the main story on the same class they main. Or they may want to try a build they read about online with a new class.
  • More Exploration: Simply put, alt characters allow players to see more of Lost Ark. They might end up in places they didn't have to venture to on their alt. Certain class quests could reward items not found through the first journey.

Alt characters are almost a necessity in most modern MMORPG titles. This one from the team at Smilegate made sure that having alt characters is a fun experience rather than just a change of scenery.