Silver price in Destiny 2 (2022): How to acquire, uses, and more

Silver is a premium currency in the game (Image via Bungie)
Silver is a premium currency in the game (Image via Bungie)
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Destiny 2 is one of the most popular looter shooters in the market today. Like most online games, this FPS title from Bungie also has currencies players can use to purchase different in-game items. However, items that can be bought with these currencies are purely cosmetic and do not affect the gameplay in any possible way.

That said, there are two specific types of currencies that are available in Destiny 2. The first currency cannot be purchased and must be earned by completing in-game activities. This currency is known as Bright Dust. The second currency, a premium currency that Guardians can get their hands on, is known as Silver.

How to get Silver in Destiny 2?


To get their hands on Silver in Destiny 2, Guardians will have to purchase it with real money. Here are the current prices for Silver in the game:

  • 500 Silver - $5
  • 1000 Silver (+100) - $10
  • 2000 Silver (+300) - $20
  • 5000 Silver (+800) - $50

There are two ways in which Guardians can purchase Silver in the game. The first method is to go to the Eververse Store located at the Tower. Once there, Guardians will have to interact with the store and then click on the "Buy Silver" button in the top right corner of the screen.

This should take them to a page where they can select the Silver bundle they want to purchase. As mentioned above, the 500 Silver bundle is the cheapest, and the 5000 Silver bundle is the most expensive one on the list. However, these are the only bundles that Guardians can choose from when it comes to purchasing Silver.

Alternatively, Guardians can also purchase Silver on the platform they're logged into Destiny 2 from. For PC users, the current platform is Steam. These Silver bundles can be purchased from the Destiny 2 Item Store on Steam itself.

The prices aren't different, so where a Guardian purchases Silver from makes no difference whatsoever. It just boils down to ease of use. The process is the same for different platforms.


However, Guardians need to keep in mind that these are the only methods in which Silver can be procured for the game. There aren't any other methods by which this currency can be purchased.

Some third-party retailers also sell codes for Silver, but Guardians need to be careful while purchasing these. If the Guardian does end up purchasing such codes, here's a Code Redemption Guide from Bungie that can help them redeem these codes.

Finally, coming to the utility of Silver. As mentioned before, Silver is the premium currency in Destiny 2. Several items in the Eververse Store can be purchased for Silver. Such items include ornaments for exotic weapons and armor and class-specific universal armor ornaments, to name a few.

Guardians need to remember that anything they purchase with Silver will not affect their gameplay in any form. These items are just cosmetic in nature and do not grant additional powers or stats when used.

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