“Yeah, we’re getting married”: Sodapoppin reveals how he’s ‘ironically’ decided to marry Veibae

Sodapoppin jokes that he and Veibae are engaged (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sodapoppin jokes that he and Veibae are engaged (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sodapoppin revealed on his latest stream that he's 'ironically' engaged to his girlfriend Veibae, a VTuber who has spent a lot of time with him on his streams.

Thomas Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris is a variety streamer, mostly playing League of Legends on stream amongst various other games. The recent relationship between him and Veibae has sparked much interest amongst his fanbase, delving into each and every little clue they can gather about it.

One viewer specifically noticed a ring on Soda's hand that was new, and sent a donation with a message jokingly asking if the streamer was asked to be a husband.

"So about that ring on your hand. Did she finally propose?"

Soda quickly responded to the question, joking that he and Veibae were together 'ironically'.

"Yeah we're getting married, it's really cringe. Got these rings on Amazon for twenty bucks."

Sodapoppin jokes about marrying VeiBae ironically

Soda then begins to joke that the couple have become obsessed with irony, and that they aren't even a real couple.

"You have to understand, (Veibae) and I have severe irony poisoning. Everything we do is ironic, like we're not even dating. We're actually just, like, ironically dating. 'Cause it's irony, right?"

Soda then goes into the details of how the couple 'ironically' purchased the rings, doing it as a joke due to their cheap price.

"At one point, we were, like, making fun of jewelry. We were like, 'Let's ironically just browse rings.' And then we ironically found these really cheap, trash rings, and were like 'Yea, let's buy 'em, like, ironically.'"

He then says that Veibae told him not to take off the ring, treating it like a real wedding ring.

"And then ironically she was like, 'You better not take it off.' I'm like, 'Okay, but ironically, I won't.'"

After continuing the joke for long enough, it seems the absurdity of the scenario he had fabricated caught up to him and made him laugh.

"So were just ironically- *laughter*"

Users on Reddit reacted to the story with their own jokes about their chronic ironic disease.

So it seems like members of the internet are confused with the ironic decisions the couple has made, but how much of it is ironic and how much is real? It would be quite shocking if the two were already in talks of marriage as they only met fairly recently. So is the situation truly how Sodapoppin describes it, or is there more to it than they let on?

Fans continue to guess as they have few answers and watch every stream to try and get more information about the mysterious relationship.