"Why are you here": Sodapoppin left annoyed by Russel's antics during World of Warcraft stream

Russel tricks Sodapoppin several times (Images via Instagram/sodapoppintv/twitchrussel)
Russel tricks Sodapoppin several times (Images via Instagram/sodapoppintv/twitchrussel)
Vibha Hegde

Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris was left speechless after fellow Twitch streamer Russel hit him with several "your mom" jokes one after another.

The two streamers were playing World of Warcraft and discussing tactics for their next in-game activity, when Sodapoppin began to go on a tangent about his day which, supposedly, was worsening by the minute.

Russel, taking advantage of the situation, set up his victim before hitting him with the age-old quip.

Sodapoppin confronts Russel for ignoring him, gets played almost immediately

During a recent stream of his, Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris played Blizzard Entertainment's hit MMORPG, World of Warcraft, with his friend and Twitch creator Russel.

The streamer began to rant about his mental state of anguish, seemingly as a joke:

"I've had a - my day has been terrible. An all around, terrible day. And it's gotten worse, in some unthinkable, f***ed up way. It has officially gotten worse Russel, do you understand?"

Sodapoppin waited for his friend's reply to the statement, even asking him to "respond now," but the content creator stayed silent. Chance sighed in frustration and after spotting certain messages in his Twitch chat, said the following:

"Listen. Those of you who are offended that someone who you see as 'wealthy and rich' is having a bad day - if that offends you, you are an insecure loser and you deserve to feel bad and I'm glad you're upset as well. I really am, truly. You are below me, you will always be below me. Suck my d***."

As he reached the end of his speech, Russel had begun to speak, which led to Sodapoppin immediately following up his rant with an inquiry as to where the other player had been. Russel responded,

"Oh my god, dude. What are you even talking about? My mic was muted. Your mom's below me, on my n**s."

Morris sat in silence while his chat laughed at the joke. Taking a moment to collect himself, he replied in an accusatory tone,

"Why are you here? I don't understand. Why- do you not have more important things to do?"

Russel immediately came to his own defense:

"Dude, I'll be honest. We just got home, we were drinking and I just thought -"

Before Russel could finish his sentence, Sodapoppin immediately lunged at the streamer, asking him who "we" included. Unfortunately for him, he walked right into the next part of Russel's joke, who said:

"Me... your mom..."

Russel began to laugh into the mic, causing Sodapoppin to blankly stare at his screen. After his flawless execution, he exclaimed that he could tell Morris was pissed, to which Morris replied that he was "annoyed" with "how entertained" his friend was.

Sodapoppin is well known amongst various circles in the Twitch community. Earlier this week, he was seen on the OTK Friendsgiving stream, acting out a skit alongside Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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