Soul Hackers 2 guide: The best ways to increase Soul Level fast

Fastest ways to increase Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2 (Image via Soul Hackers 2)
Fastest ways to increase Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2 (Image via Soul Hackers 2)

With Soul Hackers 2 finally going live a couple of hours ago, MegaTen fans are curious to try out the latest spin-off entry and enjoy some of the things that Atlus has introduced with the title.

As players go through the RPG’s main narrative, they will gain quite a few party members who will help them on their quests to complete the game. Apart from combat, the rest of the party is also integral to the core narrative, and fans are advised to take the time to explore the social features and interact with the other NPCs in-game.

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There are indeed lots of challenges that users will be required to conquer as they make their way through the story, one of the more difficult ones being the Soul Matrix. Based on the type of members and demons in the party, the Soul Matrix will be challenging or significantly easier to deal with.

However, there are ways to make Matrix exploration easier: leveling the gamer’s and the party’s Soul Levels. The higher this stat, the better chances they will have in some of the late-game Soul Floors.

Additionally, there will be quite a few locked gates they will come in contact with, which they will only be able to open once they have reached a particular Soul Level.

Fastest ways to increase Soul Level in Soul Hackers 2

1) Grinding through main narrative


One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase Soul Levels fast in Soul Hackers 2 is to progress through the main narrative. After all, story missions provide the highest amount of XP in-game.

While grinding out monsters is also a viable option, nothing beats the amount of XP the story missions can provide in the RPG. If players are stuck in front of a locked Soul Matrix, they can complete a few story missions to access new Soul Floors in no time.

During some intervals between the narrative, Ringo will be able to converse with the rest of the party members and pick the chosen dialog options. Hovering over conversation choices will provide users’ portrait at the top right of the screen and show how much Soul Level a character will be able to earn for the different dialog options.

This is a neat system that Atlus introduced in the Soul Hackers 2 social feature, and gamers can either level up all the party members equally or focus on some of the more important characters first.

2) Getting access to Hangout Events


Another great way of gaining Soul Levels is by unlocking as many Hangout Events as possible. This unlocks a bit later into the narrative, and players will be able to acquire a significant amount of leveling points once they go through with the event at Bar Heidrun.

The feature unlocks when Demon Recon becomes active in Soul Hackers 2, which is a mechanic where Ringo sends out a good number of Demons in an open area, who will explore the zone for her.

Upon encountering them when progressing through the floor, the Demons will provide users with lots of valuable items along with heals, MP boosts, HP boosts, and Hangout Events, which is the most unique.

Hangout Event items can lead to relationship-building episodes with some specific characters in the title. Once gamers have obtained one of these, they will be able to cash it in at Bar Heidrun and enact a special episode with one of the NPCs.

Completing these relationship-building exercises will result in a massive chunk of Soul Level points as a reward.

3) Do not ignore additional quests and side-quests in Soul Hackers 2


The final step on this list to accumulate Soul Level points faster in Soul Hackers 2 will be completing every single side-quest that the title has to offer. While these missions do not give as many leveling points as the main narrative itself, the amount is still sizeable and will help players make their characters more powerful faster in conjunction with the story quests.

It’s important to note here that a good chunk of the side content will be simple fetch quests, which might eventually get tedious to complete. However, certain missions are specific to the party members, providing a sizeable boost in Soul Levels.

This makes the social system integral to progression, especially if gamers are booting Soul Hackers 2 on higher difficulties.

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