Soul Hackers 2 meal guide: The best food buffs and how to get them

Unlocking Food Buffs in Soul Hackers 2 and the best meals in the game (Image via Soul Hackers 2)
Unlocking food buffs in Soul Hackers 2 and the best meals in the game (Image via Soul Hackers 2)

Soul Hackers 2 has a great meal system that allows players to make the most of the social mechanics in the game. They offer certain buffs and bonuses to characters when they're exploring dungeons and the Soul Matrix.

Different meals offers different bonuses and it’s important to learn which food does what in the latest Megaten entry to exploit the mechanic and make progression significantly easier in the game.

Ringo will be able to purchase food throughout all the various districts in the game, and then go to the safe house and sit with the rest of the Party Members to partake in it together.

However, it’s important to note here that while every food comes with a specific buff, the potency of it getting applied to the party members will depend on how much they like it. For meals where one specific member does not like the food all that much, the potency of the buff applied to them will be significantly less than those who liked it.

Understanding the meal mechanics in Soul Hackers 2 can be a bit tricky. However, today's guide will look to make it easier by pointing out some of the best food buffs that the RPG has to offer, and where to get them from.

How to get the best meals and food buffs in Soul Hackers 2


The food buffs mechanic is not something that players will be able to get their hands on in the initial couple of hours of the title. It is something that unlocks a bit later in the game as players progress through the tutorial, and only after Ringo has been able to recruit all three members of her party.

While following the narrative, players will eventually encounter an enemy who goes by the name of R.S. Only after defeating them and going back to the safe house will they be able to get the ability to consume food and apply a variety of buffs to their party members.

But as mentioned, the potency of the buff on each party member will depend on how well they like the food that Ringo offers. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to know who likes what in Soul Hackers 2, as the game offers face icons at the top of the meal menu which show who likes and dislikes which meal.

However, the character responses will only be shown once players have used that food before in the safe house.


Here are some of the best meals, effects, and their locations in Soul Hackers 2:


  • Effect: Makes demon negotiation easier by decreasing their level
  • Location: Vending Machine - Karakucho

Chakra Flan

  • Effect: Party members’ MP gradually recovers as Ringo explores the Dungeon
  • Location: Breaking Mart - Karakucho

Philanthropic Shoyu Ramen

  • Effect: Increases healing effects in battle
  • Location: Food Cart - Karakucho

Chewy Taiyaki

  • Effects: Extend the effects of every Map Skill
  • Location: Breaking Mart - Karakucho

Admiration City Plate

  • Effects: Increases party's MAX MP
  • Location: Bar Heidrun - Shinsado

Critical Boscaiola

  • Effects: Increases the critical rate for party's attacks against enemies
  • Location: Pizza Shop - Karakucho

Humble Mushroom Rice Porridge

  • Effects: Party members’ HP recovers as Ringo explores the Dungeon
  • Location: Bar Heidrun - Shinsado

These are some of the best foods that players will be able to get their hands on in the RPG. However, it’s important to note here that Ringo will not be able to stack multiple food buffs onto her party. Once a buff is applied it will only run out once players visit and then exit a dungeon in Soul Hackers 2.

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