Splatoon 3 Splatfest guide: How to join a Tricolor Battle

Joining the Tricolor Battle in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Joining the Tricolor Battle in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Splatoon 3 is finally running its very first post-launch Splatfest, and there is quite a lot that new and returning players are enjoying in Nintendo Switch’s latest shooter.

The Splatfest celebration divides players into three teams, which are themed around the question, “What would you bring to a deserted island?” The teams are segregated into Gear, Grub, and Fun, with each faction having its own theme and bringing something different to the mix.

During the fest, Splatoon 3 players can compete in a new game mode called Tricolor Battle, a unique take on the standard Turf War format.

Some players new to the franchise have difficulty understanding some of the features that Splatfest has come up with, including the Tricolor Battle mode. Today’s guide will cover how players can play the new Splatoon 3 mode during the limited-time event.

Joining the Tricolor Battle in Splatoon 3


Players must note that they may not be able to try out the Tricolor Battle mode in Splatoon 3 whenever they queue up. Nintendo has previously revealed that they have adjusted the chances of players joining Tricolor Battles due to negative reception and will release a revamped version in December.

Regardless, fans can attempt to join Tricolor Battles by,

  • Make their way to the lobby, press L, and scroll down to the Tricolor Battle option. There they will be able to queue up for the game mode, and when matchmaking is done, players will automatically be able to play their first Tricolor Battle. The time that players spend in the lobby will vary on how many the number of other participants.
  • The Tricolor Turf War will feature eight participants, separated into three teams. Four of the players will be from the side that is on the winning side of the fest during the Halftime Report, while the other four will consist of the participants from the other two teams.
  • When the Tricolor Battle begins, the job of the two smaller teams will be to attack the larger teams and then look to encroach on their turf. The smaller teams will be responsible for getting their hands on the Ultra Signal, which will be the main objective of the game mode.
  • The two smaller teams will be required to reduce the bigger team’s territory as much as possible until they finally get their hands on the Ultra Signal and summon the Sprinkler of Doom. The game will turn in the smaller teams’ favor once they reach the objective and summon the Sprinkler, which will spread their team's colors in a large area.
  • However, to claim the Ultra Signa, Splatoon 3 players will be required to enter it and hold their position there until the Sprinkler launches. Once the Sprinkler is deployed, the participants of the smaller teams will be able to go a long way to defeat the winning team in the long run.

The Splatfest event has been one of the most exciting times for Splatoon 3 players, and many in the community are looking forward to when the next celebration will go live.