Starfield ship combat guide: Best weapons, shields, and more

Starfield ship combat is incredibly fun.
These parts will help give you an edge when tackling ship-based combat in Starfield (Image via Bethesda)

Starfield’s ship combat in space is a blast, but you may not always have the right equipment to safely best your foes. While you’re free to customize your designs with whatever weapons, shields, and engines, some are better than others. Just because we select specific parts, that doesn’t mean you should only use these and no others.

By the same token, you likely want a wide array of weapons, depending on what situations you come upon. We’ll highlight some parts you should consider as you explore the stars.

After all, you aren’t always safe in Starfield. There are plenty of pirates cruising outer space, so it’s important to have the right weapons and shields. Here’s what we’ve determined are among the best options across the entire game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

Best weapons for ship combat in Starfield

Each weapon type in Starfield serves a different purpose, whether you’re on the ground or in ship combat. If you’re targeting the hull of a ship, Ballistics are the way to go. If you want to smash through an enemy’s shielding, you want to use Lasers. Conversely, you can use Missiles, which excel at both, but they have a much lower firing rate.

What this means for you is that you want to have a nice assortment of weapons on hand at any given moment in Starfield. No matter what starship you choose, you’ll want plenty of firepower.

It's going to be important to at least know how space combat works (Image via Bethesda)
It's going to be important to at least know how space combat works (Image via Bethesda)
WeaponRangeFire RateHull DMGShield DMGMax Power
Mauler 106T Cannon8002.525.37.74
Mauler 104T Cannon8003.4914.34.44
Flare 15MW IR Laser12503.498286
CE-09 Missile Launcher4000172726
Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam35003.4924246

These are far and away my favorite weapons when it comes to ship combat in Starfield. While both the Mauler 106T and 104T are great, the overall stats on the Mauler 106T Cannon make it a standout.

You also have the powerful Flare 15MW IR Laser, though there are a few other decent weapons out there. While it didn’t make the list, I think the Dragon 231 IR Laser is another solid option.

When considering missiles, the CE-09 Missile Launcher has the best range, hull damage, and shield damage overall. It also has the best potential Maximum Power, making it easily the best in the game. All missiles have the same launch speed, so that’s not relevant.

There are quite a few useful Particle Weapons, but my favorite has to be the Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam. It has all-around terrific stats and a high Max Power level.

Best shields for ship combat in Starfield

When flying through space, you always want good shielding. This provides protection from incoming damage. However, some of the higher-level shields can also reduce mobility, which might become a problem. If I had to pick a favorite shield system, though, it would have to be the 101D Guardian Shield.

101D Guardian Shield

  • Maximum Power: 6
  • Shield Max. Health: 680
  • Regen Rate: 5%

While it has a slightly lower regeneration rate than something like the Deflector SG-20, it has roughly double that shield generator’s health, making it a much better pick, in my estimation.

Best engines for ship combat in Starfield

Now that you have some guns and shielding, you need a good engine. Better engines can increase your overall mobility, which is key to dogfighting. No matter what size craft you use, having more mobility can be the difference between life and death. What’s the point in having an incredibly cool design if it is defeated in its first battle?

ModuleEngine ThrustManeuvering ThrustEngine HealthMax Power
White Dwarf 3000152702820753
Supernova 20001767064501363
Nova 10001287033751003

While I picked three engines, my personal favorite is the Supernova 2000. It has the best Engine and Maneuvering Thrust. It also has a higher HP than the others, making it the ideal pick.

These are our picks for the most useful combat equipment on your Starfield ships. If you want to know how to make a fancy design, such as Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon, this guide should be right up your alley. Looking for Starfield's best weapons? Check out these 10 best weapons in the title.

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