Street Fighter 6 Cammy complete combo guide - BnB, Drive, Punish Counters, and more

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Cammy White, everyone's favorite Killer Bee is a monster in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Cammy White, AKA Killer Bee, is one of Street Fighter 6’s most popular characters. A solid, well-rounded combatant, she uses punches, kicks, and her Spiral Arrow to get in on opponents. While she lacks projectiles, it doesn’t stop her from being incredibly deadly. She’s only improved from previous iterations, and I still think she’s got what it takes to be one of the most potent World Warriors in SF6.

It's important to note for this guide that some of Cammy's specials can be charged (QCF.HP, QCF.HK, DP HK) by holding the input. In this article, if you see brackets around the ability, you need to charge it.

This article is always going to be a work in progress. As more players show off tech, we will update this with more useful combos, as well as their button notation. We’ll go over basic, easy combos, Modern Options, and more complex options for Cammy White in Street Fighter 6.

Cammy combo guide for Street Fighter 6

1) Basic/BnB Combos to use with Cammy

c.LK > c.LP XX DP HK

VesperArcade's MIR has a wealth of useful basic combos for Cammy White in Street Fighter 6. One of the toughest World Warriors, she has a pretty simple time getting in on aggressive players. This is perhaps one of the most basic things to do with Cammy - two lights, canceled into her DP HK.


Adding a bit more to the above combo, you throw in an EX Spiral Arrow to get on the other side of your opponent. While they're still in the air, hit them with the next super, and they drop to the ground with you in a solid position in any Street Fighter 6 match-up.


With a Medium Punch start for Cammy White, she can easily drop a light kick, and cancel it into one of her Spiral Arrow. This puts the opponent waking up right in front of you quickly, so you can follow up with a mix-up or perhaps a throw.

MP > Back.MP-HK > j.MP XX QCB.KK [Air] > Level 1 Super

Starting with MP, link a back medium into Heavy Kick, and take the opponent to the skies. The jump medium is linked into a special, and before it all ends, the level 1 super. It can hit for incredible damage, roughly 25% of someone's life bar.

2) Simple Cammy combos for Modern Controls

Back.M > M XX Down.SP > SP

Courtesy of ahmz1404, this begins with a back Medium, into standing Medium canceling into a super. It's a relatively simple combo to do using Modern Controls. Links/cancels feel easier in this control style.

j.Auto+SP > Back.Medium > Medium > jump.Medium XX SP

Something a little more complicated, you start with jump Special (with Auto), and link a few Medium strikes. It's the jump Medium canceling into a special attack that could trip players up, but with practice it gets easier.

Counter Hit Auto.M > Auto.H XX Cancel Drive Rush > Auto.H > Back Medium > Medium > j.Medium XX Auto+SP > Auto+SP > Down.SP+H

While this combo feels a bit more complex, it shows you the extent of what you can do with Modern Controls. It's not too hard to get the hang of though, once you've learned to medium into jump medium. This has been seen to do about 50% of someone's life bar, so it's nothing to sneeze at.

3) Drive Meter/Drive Impact combos


A pretty standard corner Drive Impact combo for Cammy White in Street Fighter 6, canceling the Heavy Punch into her specials does a solid amount of damage. It also keeps your opponent trapped, for further shenanigans.

[On Block] DI > HP XX QCF.LK > DP HK

Conversely, if your Drive Impact gets blocked, you can use a similar combo. Just use the QCF.LK instead of the Heavy, and still get the DP HK out. Both options are solid ways to keep someone pinned down.

4) Whiff Punish, Punish Counter, and Counter-Hit combos


Cammy White has quite a few solid punish options in Street Fighter 6. This one works with either Medium Punch or Crouching Medium, and still land a solid few hits into Spiral Arrow.


This punish combo uses a meaty Heavy Punch, while then charging up the Spiral Arrow and following up appropriately. It's simple but effective.

This concludes our Street Fighter 6 combo guide for Cammy White. If you have a combo you'd like to have included, please DM me on Twitter with the video clip and notation.

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