Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives Fighter Pass: Release date, premium rewards, and more

Rashid is the first of the four Year 1 characters to go live in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Rashid is the first of the four Year 1 characters to go live in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

Street Fighter 6 is one of the most popular fighting games in the market today. In this game, players can select a character of their choice and then participate in PvP battles that feature hand to hand combat. The first fighter to win two out of three rounds wins the match. Like other games in the market today, players will be able to unlock cosmetics unique to every character by progressing and earning different accolades.

The other way to do it is through the Fighter Pass, similar to a Season Pass or a Battle Pass in any other game. A Fighter Pass in Street Fighter 6 stays live for a short duration, and players can earn some interesting rewards.

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives Fighter Pass release date and price


Rashid Arrives Fighter Pass is scheduled to go live on July 4 and will be available till July 23. To purchase this pass, you will have to spend 250 Fighter Coins. Like every other battle pass, it also has two distinct reward tracks. One is the premium reward track, which you can access if you shell out 250 Fighter Coins.

If you don't wish to spend money, there's also a free track that will grant you access to some rewards, but they might not be as appealing as the ones available on the premium track.

All Rashid Arrives Fighter Pass premium rewards

The following rewards will be included in this Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass:

  • Rashid's gear
  • Photo border
  • Stickers
  • Titles
  • Emote
  • Music
  • Rashid's Theme
  • Necalli's Theme
  • Laura's Theme
  • Hyper Drive Side Arms game

Interestingly enough, if you unlock all tiers of the premium Fighter Pass, you will also be rewarded with 250 Fighter Coins. If you manage to do that, you technically get all these rewards for free.

Does the Fighter Pass include Rashid in Street Fighter 6?


The Fighter Pass does not include access to Rashid. There is no date for when this character will go live in the game. However, it's commonly believed that he will be seen in-game once this Fighter Pass ends.

Since he's a DLC character, you can access him for free if you've purchased the Deluxe or the Ultimate edition. If you have purchased the Standard edition, you can purchase a character pass on the platform you've purchased the game to access Rashid.

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