Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass guide - How to unlock, rewards, leveling up, and more

What awaits in Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 is the first game in the series to have a Battle Pass - the Fighting Pass (Image via Capcom)

For the first time in the franchise, Street Fighter 6 has a Fighting Pass. This Battle Pass has a pair of tracks - one free and one premium, each with a collection of rewards. It will be available for a limited time, and the first one, Early Summer Vibes, is already available to unlock in the game. Not every player is interested in investing time with Battle Passes, and that’s perfectly fine.

Those who spend money on the Premium and get to the final reward will have received enough Fighter Coins to purchase the next Battle Pass without spending money again.

From the rewards, how to unlock, and how to level up fast, we have everything you need to know about Street Fighter 6’s Fighting Pass. This new feature is available now and adds new songs, arcade games, titles, and more.

How to unlock Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass


Unlocking the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass is incredibly easy. If you want to just use the free track, you already have it; you don’t have to do anything but play the game, and reap your rewards as they become available. There are significantly fewer rewards in the free track, though.

The Premium tier of the Fighting Pass costs 250 Fighter Coins (about $5 USD), and there’s also an option to unlock the first 10 tiers at the same time. This costs more - 600 Fighter Coins ($12 USD).

If you do purchase the first 10 tiers, you can press the “Receive Rewards” button to get those items immediately.

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass free-tier rewards


There are two sets of rewards in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass. There are a few useful picks in the free track, such as Rental Fighter Passes. Rental Fighters allow you to try a character for free, in case you want to give someone a shot. These will come in handy when DLC characters begin showing up.

Free rewards

  • Level 1: None
  • Level 2: Rental Fighter
  • Level 3: Rental Fighter
  • Level 4: None
  • Level 5: Sticker
  • Level 6: None
  • Level 7: None
  • Level 8: Floating in the Ocean Device Background
  • Level 9: None
  • Level 10: None
  • Level 11: Fireworks Camera Frame
  • Level 12: None
  • Level 13: None
  • Level 14: Alluring Mermaid title
  • Level 15: None
  • Level 16: None
  • Level 17: Cheer 3 Avatar Action
  • Level 18: None
  • Level 19: None
  • Level 20: Inner Tube Alpha
  • Level 21-30: None

Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass premium-tier rewards


Talking about the premium rewards in Street Fighter 6, there are far more picks available for fans. One of the best things is the final 10 tiers. There are enough Fighter Coins to get the next pass for free, provided the price remains the same.

Other notable rewards include the arcade game Legendary Wings, and music from Cammy Stage I, T. Hawk Stage I, and Dee Jay’s Stage I. These are all of the premium rewards for SF6’s Fighting Pass.

It’s also worth noting that the costume pieces that appear in this tier do not give your avatar any stat bonuses, and are thus purely cosmetic.

  • Level 1: Legendary Wings Game
  • Level 2: Daring Summer Swimsuit (Top) Avatar Clothing
  • Level 3: Sticker
  • Level 4: Sea Dweller title
  • Level 5: Cammy Stage I Music
  • Level 6: Daring Summer Swimsuit (Bottom) Avatar Clothing
  • Level 7: Smack In-game Camera Frame
  • Level 8: Hot Fighter Summer title
  • Level 9: Sticker
  • Level 10: Inner Tube Avatar Clothing
  • Level 11: Dee Jay’s Stage I Music
  • Level 12: Avatar Action Uninhibited Dance
  • Level 13: Sticker
  • Level 14: Rash Guard (Top) Avatar Clothing
  • Level 15: Summer Glow in-game Device Background
  • Level 16: Sticker
  • Level 17: T.Hawk Stage I Music
  • Level 18: Sticker
  • Level 19: Rash Guard (Bottom) Avatar CLothing
  • Level 20: Sun’s Out Guns Out title
  • Level 21: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 22: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 23: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 24: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 25: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 26: Fighter Coins x10
  • Level 27: Fighter Coins x20
  • Level 28: Fighter Coins x20
  • Level 29: Fighter Coins x50
  • Level 30: Fighter Coins x100

How long is the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass available?

The current Fighting Game Pass, Early Summer Vibes, kicked off on June 12, 2023. It’s not an especially long Battle Pass, and so players have a little less than a month to get everything. It began on June 12, 2023, and will end on July 2, 2023. It is different from the Year 1 Pass for DLC characters.

How to level up fast in the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass?

Leveling up in the Fighting Pass isn't too hard in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Leveling up in the Fighting Pass isn't too hard in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

It’s very easy to level up fast in the Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass. You use Kudos to level up, and those come from your challenges. There are daily and weekly challenges for players to complete, and are often easy.

They will include things like “View a Tutorial” or “Visit the Battle Hub.” You’ll be notified when you increase a tier as well. Take the time to go to the Multi Menu and visit the “Rewards” section to see your current challenges, as well as Fighting Pass rewards.

That is all there is to the Street Fighter 6 Fighting Pass. As the lifetime of Capcom’s fighting game rolls on, more Battle Passes and rewards will appear for players around the world. Meanwhile, you can read our review of the game here.