Street Fighter 6 DLC guide: When are Year One Ultimate Pass characters expected to release

What does the Street Fighter 6 Year One Ultimate Pass include? (Image via Capcom)
What does the Street Fighter 6 Year One Ultimate Pass include? (Image via Capcom)

Although Street Fighter 6 was released with a diverse roster of characters, the Year One Ultimate Pass is set to add even more to the highly anticipated game. This premium option is available as a standalone purchase or in a bundle, offering additional content for those who purchase it. This includes exclusive cosmetic items, Drive Tickets, and, most importantly, four new characters. Capcom has been fairly transparent with the available information, as they've already announced most of the post-launch content.

The latest release has taken the world of fighting games by storm, thanks to its brilliant gameplay and smooth graphical fidelity. One of the biggest reasons for its positive early reviews is the current roster, which features various iconic characters. If players are still unsatisfied with what they have, they can further improve their Street Fighter 6 experience with the help of Year One Ultimate Pass.

What does the Street Fighter 6 Year One Ultimate Pass include?

The Ultimate Pass will include four new characters (will also be included in the Character Pass).

  • Rashid – Street Fighter 5
  • A.K.I. – New Entrant
  • Ed – Street Fighter 5
  • Akuma Street Fighter 2

The very last name on this list will surely grab the interest of most Street Fighter fans. Being the hidden boss in Street Fighter 2, the community wished to see more about what Akuma could do as a playable choice. Those who choose to get the paid DLC will be able to enjoy Akuma once he’s officially added to the roster.

Rashid was the main character in Street Fighter 5, making his entry more or less expected. Ed, one of the villains in the previous game, will be making his way to Street Fighter 6 as well. Not much information is available about A.K.I., and the leaks have been few and far.

The Year One Ultimate Pass will also include two new stages, but Capcom has yet to release more information about this aspect of the game. Additionally, this special pass will include three outfit collections for all four upcoming characters.

When will the Year One Ultimate Pass characters be released in Street Fighter 6?

Based on the available information so far, Capcom will be following a phased schedule.

  • Rashid – Summer 2023
  • A.K.I – Autumn 2023
  • Ed – Early 2024
  • Akuma – Spring 2024

It’s worth noting that this schedule is subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the future. The special DLC outfits for these characters are likely to be added simultaneously in Street Fighter 6.

As for the two additional stages, no new information is available currently. There’s a fair chance that they might not appear before the next year, although readers are advised to wait for official information from Capcom before drawing any conclusions.