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SypherPK tries to break Fortnite with Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets

(Image Credit: Youtube SypherPK)
(Image Credit: Youtube SypherPK)
Modified 10 Sep 2020, 22:32 IST

In a recent video from SypherPK, he attempts to try a new strategy in Fortnite that is based on Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets. The strategy was to find a Choppa, get a hold of the Arcane Gauntlets, and fire down on the rest of the players in the game from the maximum helicopter height.

For the video, SypherPK played a duos game with his little brother, JuniorPK. The duo starts the game at Doom's Domain in order to get the gauntlets for the strategy. From there, most of the game is spent with JuniorPK as the helicopter pilot and SypherPK as the wielder of the gauntlets.

SypherPK uses the Arcane Gauntlets in a new way

SypherPK and JuniorPK clearly have fun with the concept as they move through the map and take out different teams. They make it all the way to the end circle where teams fight it out below them and SypherPK lets the the gauntlets do their thing. He throws orbs down on them as some shoot back but come up empty-handed.

When one player is left, SypherPK attempts to jump from the Choppa and save himself with the gauntlets, but he doesn't want to take the other player out. He ends up getting knocked and his brother JuniorPK clutches the game for them.

(Image Credit: Youtube SypherPK)
(Image Credit: Youtube SypherPK)

Overall, the arcane gauntlets from the helicopter seemed fun, but it looked more like a nuisance than anything else. It may not have been game-breaking like SypherPK had tried, but it does go to show what some of these new hero abilities or mythic weapons can bring to the game.

New hero abilities being added


In what is partially an update and partially just game files being leaked, there is news of eight new hero abilities coming to Fortnite.

The goal appears to be to include the rest of the cast from the Battle Pass. So far, Groot and Doctor Doom have their abilities in game. Now, in a future update, we can expect abilities from Thor, Iron Man, Storm, Wolverine, and She-Hulk. Two abilities for She-Hulk and Wolverine will be added.

What's even more exciting is the leaks of a Black Panther armor ability and what could possibly be something for Venom. Whether those two heroes get skins, one of which should be free, will remain to be seen.

The full video of SypherPK using the Arcane Gauntlets can be found here:

Published 10 Sep 2020, 22:32 IST
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