The entire Act Man suspension and remonetization controversy with YouTube explained

The Act Man controversy with YouTube and Quantum TV explained (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Act Man controversy with YouTube and Quantum TV explained (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kelly "The Act Man" is an American YouTuber and gamer who recently found himself in a big pile of conflicts, first with Quantum TV and then with YouTube. The entire debacle started when Quantum TV uploaded a video giving a controversial take on YouTube suspensions and some demeaning remarks to the LGBTQ+ community.

In response, The Act Man, known for his Halo and Call of Duty gameplays, provided a sarcastic reply, rebuking the words of Quantum TV. The duo then proceeded to exchange blows online, leading to the former's channel getting a strike, causing it to be demonetized.

The Act Man fiasco: Explained in chronological order of events

The entire fiasco started earlier this year when multiple creators criticized Quantum TV on the platform for providing a scathing review of the game Elden Ring. Many viewers claimed that in the now deleted video, he was being overly judgmental of the game to the extent that he even chastised those who played it.

Quantum was heard saying in the March 2022 video:

"I would say this game is for somebody who really is looking for a sandbox, they have no family, no friends, no life..."

He then proceeded to copyright strike many YouTubers who decided to criticize his comments on their channels.


The Act Man's response

On April 10, 2022, The Act Man uploaded a video titled "The WORST Elden Ring Hot Takes," heavily criticizing Quantum TV's comments, which the American tech YouTuber flagged for copyright issues.

On April 19, The Act Man took to his official Twitter account to tweet a copyright strike form he had received from Quantum TV over his April 10 video. Later in the day, Kelly tweeted personal messages the two YouTubers had shared.

On April 23, he filmed another YouTube video detailing Quantum TV's abuse of the copyright system. The video, titled "Copyright Abuse on YouTube - Featuring Quantum TV," received a lot of praise and spread like wildfire. In addition to exposing him over his copyright stance, the former also shared details of threats of litigation and 'doxing.'


The tech reviewer naturally did not take the video in a positive light and proceeded to DMCA The Act Man as well. On top of that, Quantum TV took it one step further by getting in touch with Kelly's mother and threatening her.

The Act Man was supposedly in contact with YouTube personnel in May 2022 about pressing charges over Quantum TV for his offensive remarks, videos, and exploitation of YouTube's copyright mechanisms.

Facing a lot of heat, Quantum TV, on May 31, uploaded a video in which he shared an official YouTube message declaring that Quantum TV had not violated the TOS or community policy and that YouTube would take no action against his account. Quantum TV said in the video that he apologized for earlier homophobic remarks, some of which were purportedly created due to a hack.

However, Kelly would then make another video mocking the tech YouTuber in a suggestive manner, which was later taken down and given a strike for violating the red platform's TOS. This enraged the streaming community, who lashed out against YouTube.

Viewers flooded in with their backing when he announced the information on his Twitter profile. The hashtag #JusticeForActMan started trending right after and produced over 100,000 tweets in just one week as numerous personalities with millions of followers stepped into the debate.

@TeamYouTube @lofigirl @YouTubeCreators @YouTube And yet you believe quantum tv's take downs are not abusive and still let that hateful person stay on your platform and punish the guy that calls you out on it. Clearly playing favourites youtube #JusticeForActMan

Fans' reactions

It wasn't until earlier this week that Kelly got his channel remonetized. After announcing it on his Twitter and YouTube, fans and creators gathered around to congratulate him. Here are some of the tweets:

I have officially been
@TheActMan_YT Did YouTube ever issued an apology or they STILL think they are in the right?
@TheActMan_YT My heart goes out to all the Quantum fans out there

As things stand, viewers are still displeased that Quantum TV's channel is still up, and YouTube has failed to take action against him. The American YouTuber uploads almost daily to his YouTube channel, with over 69K subscribers.

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