The best controller settings for Halo Infinite

Players of Halo Infinite can change certain controller settings to make their experience a little easier (Image via Bungie)
Players of Halo Infinite can change certain controller settings to make their experience a little easier (Image via Bungie)
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Making sure players are able to always be in control of the action on screen is paramount in a game like Halo Infinite. The ability to control the game can come naturally to some players, but having the right controller settings can help out as well.

Though the controller setting preferences will differ from player to player, the best controller settings can help out in most cases of gameplay.

The best controller settings for players to use in Halo Infinite


Players want to adjust their controls primarily because of the type of game Halo Infinite is. Depending on the player's playstyle, it will also affect how best to use their controls. For players using sniper rifles, they may want to use a lower sensitivity, while players in closer ranges may opt for higher sensitivity. Largely, it all boils down to the comfort level of the player that is using the controller setup.

Overall standards for controller setup in Halo Infinite

While it is true that each player is different, the controller setup that will be discussed here will be a very good generalized setup that can work for most builds.

Players can tweak any piece of it they want to help make it work for them. If something doesn't feel right, and practice does not help much, there is no shame in creating a custom setup that works for the individual.

Recommended Settings for Players



  • Button Layout: Custom
  • Thumbstick Layout: Default
  • Vibration: Disabled

Disabling vibrations can help remove distractions from combat and help the player focus better.

Movement and Aiming

  • Invert Look (Vertical): Disabled
  • Invert Look (Horizontal): Disabled
  • Inver Flight: Disabled
  • Hold to Crouch: Enabled
  • Hold to Zoom: Disabled
  • Hold to Sprint: Disabled
  • Movement Assisted Steering: Disabled
  • Maintain Sprint Disabled
  • Auto Clamber: Disabled
  • Step Jump: Enabled

Some players may prefer inverted aiming; however for zooming and sprint, making a button to toggle on or off can help free up a finger to press other buttons when using those commands.

Sensitivity and Acceleration

  • Look Acceleration: 4
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 6
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 6

Six is a healthy starting point. For players who feel that it turns too fast, the number can be lowered. For those that need it sped up, increase the number for faster inputs.

Zoom Sensitivity

  • Zoom Level: 1.4x
  • 1.4x Sensitivity: 1.1

The sensitivity can be adjusted depending on whether the player needs slower or faster speed, just like look sensitivity.

Move Thumbstick

  • Center Deadzone: 0
  • Max Input Threshold: 0
  • Axial Deadzone: 3

The lower the deadzone, the faster the stick will react when using it. If players want a little wiggle room to move the stick a bit before it moves the player, the deadzone can be increased.

Look Thumbstick

  • Center Deadzone: 0
  • Max Input Threshold: 10
  • Axial Deadzone: 1.5

Just as the movement thumbstick, the lower the deadzone, the faster the stick will respond to movement. Increase deadzone if wiggle room is needed.

Button Mappings in Halo Infinite


While the default button mappings in Halo Infinite do a good job for general usage, players may wish to play around with these settings to see if they want to change things around.

This part will be completely up to personal preference and what works for each player. The important thing is that the player is comfortable with aim and movement; once that is mastered, the rest will come very naturally.

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