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The best Escavalier moveset in Pokemon GO 

(Image Credit: Pokemon GO)
(Image Credit: Pokemon GO)
Brandon Moore
Modified 07 Oct 2020, 21:29 IST

Pokemon GO was once a juggernaut in the mobile gaming industry. The first summer it arrived, players were getting out, attacking gyms, spinning PokeStops, and having the time of their lives. Now, the state of the world makes this a little harder. Pokemon GO has done its best to allow players to play from home and the game still remains very popular.

One of the main focuses of Pokemon GO is to battle Pokemon that are defending gyms in order to take control of that gym. Once a gym is taken over, players of the specific controlling team are able to leave behind their own Pokemon to defend it. One of the best Pokemon for attacking and defending is Escavalier.

Escavalier in Pokemon GO

(Image Credit: Pokemon)
(Image Credit: Pokemon)

Firstly, Escavalier evolves from Karrablast. This evolution can happen with 200 candies or with no candies if Karrablast is traded to another trainer. Once the trade completes, Karrablast will evolve into Escavalier. Be sure to trade with someone trustworthy in order to get your Pokemon back.

Escavalier has a dual typing of Bug and Steel. This makes it extremely vulnerable to fire type moves. It gets a crazy amount of resistance though, taking less damage from Dragon, Ice, Psychic, Normal, Bug, Steel, Fairy, Grass, and Poison Pokemon.

Best moveset for Escavalier in Pokemon GO



When attacking as Escavalier, two bug type moves are the best choices. The quick move Bug Bite and the charge move Megahorn. Attacking Pokemon gyms with this moveset give Escavalier the highest total DPS possible. It also ranks as the best moveset for PVP league battles.


Pokemon that defend a gym attack differently than those controlled offensively by the player. Defending Pokemon attack every two seconds, and are not affected by move speed. Therefore, if leaving a defending Escavalier, the quick move should change to Peck.

The charge move will remain Megahorn. Peck gains energy quicker. This allows Megahorn to be used much faster due to the inability to spam the the quick move like an offensive Pokemon can.

Published 07 Oct 2020, 21:29 IST
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