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The best Oden loadout in COD: Warzone

The Oden in COD: Warzone
The Oden in COD: Warzone
Brandon Moore
Modified 15 Sep 2020, 23:02 IST

The Oden has always been a beastly weapon in COD: Warzone. Recently, it has become much more favored over some other assault rifles. By itself, the Oden is a fully-automatic gun of destruction. It has massive base damage, but deals with high recoil, slow ADS speed, and slow reload speed.

The best loadout for the Oden in COD: Warzone is one that extends its range and improves upon some weaknesses. Reducing the recoil is also key. This allows the Oden to be a masterful weapon during mid to long-range engagements in COD: Warzone.

Best COD: Warzone Oden loadout

Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


Barrel: Oden Factory 810mm

The Oden's Factory 810mm barrel works hard towards control and damage boosts. Damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control all get a plus, though the ADS speed and movement speed get reduced.

Muzzle: Colossus Suppressor

The Colossus Suppressor is one of COD: Warzone's most unique attachments, and really is a colossus suppressor when it sits on the Oden. However, ADS speed and aim walking steadiness take a hit. The pluses come in the form of sound suppression, damage range, and recoil control.


Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip

This attachment is another that helps with the Oden's recoil in COD: Warzone. The Merc Foregrip helps with recoil control and hip fire accuracy. Again, aim walking movement speed and ADS speed are both lessened.

Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic

The VLK 3.0x Optic is one of the more common sights that players use in COD: Warzone. The zoom level, obviously, gets a massive increase here. ADS speed, as is the theme, takes a hit.

Rear Grip: Rubberized Grip Tape

Rubberized Grip Tape makes a negative out of aiming stability, but helps with the recoil control. With all of these attachments, the high recoil of the Oden will be minimized and easily controllable, making those shots hit with zero issue.


Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision

Cold-Blooded, Double Time, or EOD

The first perk is really the player's choice. Movement speed is lessened by the attachments, so Double Time would increase the Tactical Sprint duration, as well as increase crouch movement speed by 30%.

EOD resets picked up frag fuses when throwing them back, along with reducing non-killstreak explosive and fire damage.

Cold-Blooded, a classic COD perk, removes detection from AI targetting systems and thermal optics. It also makes the player unmarked by Recon Drones.


Overkill allows for two primary weapons in COD: Warzone, but secondary weapons cannot be equipped when this perk is in play. The best option is to choose something that gives close-range viability. A shotgun, or the MP5 or MP7 to win those tight-knit battles, is a must.


Amped is also a certainty, as it allows most equipment to be used faster. The real treat is the faster swapping of weapons, though. Switching from the Oden to the second weapon for close-range fights quickly is a necessary perk.


Image Credits: Activision
Image Credits: Activision


The C4 is an invaluable lethal equipment in COD: Warzone. It can destroy vehicles, clear out rooms, and catch camping opponents off guard.

Heartbeat Sensor

Couple the C4 with the Heartbeat Sensor and clearing out spaces will be easy. Players will be able to detect enemies before they enter a building or room, to ensure there are no sneak attacks when the door opens.

Published 15 Sep 2020, 23:02 IST
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