The best skins for Newcastle so far in Apex Legends

Newcastle standing triumphant (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Newcastle standing triumphant (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Newcastle is the latest playable character in Apex Legends released during the debut of Season 13 on May 10, 2022. His presence and playstyle are a welcome addition to the game as his defensive abilities provide strong support capabilities.

Along with his introduction to Apex Legends, 40 skins are available for Newcastle via purchase and crafting metals.

If players find Newcastle’s kit fun and rewarding and want to pick up a few skins, here are some of the best-looking skins for Newcastle so far.

Apex Legends: the best skins for Newcastle

Starbound Savior - Legendary


Starbound Savior is by far the sleekest skin Newcastle has in Apex Legends, not just because of the color scheme, but because of the entire aesthetic. It looks like a combination of typical astronaut gear and the Rocketeer, which is fitting considering the Rocketeer also used a jet pack.

The color scheme is also very similar. While the Rocketeer is primarily red with gold accents, Starbound Savior flips it. There are more brown and off-white patches, but the majority of the color is gold.

Valiant Defender - Legendary


Who doesn’t love knights? With Newcastle already having a futuristic knight theme going on for him, Valiant Defender takes it one step further. Newcastle’s armor takes on a more rounded look, as opposed to the sharp and blunt angles of his original skin.

Best of all, the spaulders and helmet get matching wings. His helmet, most importantly, has a similar design to medieval helmets along with a sci-fi flair. The gray and blue color scheme is nothing flashy, but it fits the sci-fi knight aesthetic.

Complex Rebirth - Legendary


Complex Rebirth makes it on this list due to the design and color scheme. It is admittedly a re-color of Valiant Defender. However, it does what the Valiant Defender fails to do, which is adding a sweet color scheme. It makes Newcastle appear like a dark knight rather than a noble one.

Instead of a gray and blue color scheme that Valiant Defender uses, Complex Rebirth gives Newcastle a primarily black color, along with red highlights and teal accents around the straps of his armor.

Hack the System - Epic


(Timestamp: 2:00)

Similar to Complex Rebirth, some of Newcastle’s best skins in Apex Legends are arguably the ones with bold colors. The dull silver of his original skin is rather boring, but the design is solid.

With Hack the System, his armor takes on a deep, vibrant green color with a nice shine to it, almost like Newcastle waxed his armor beforehand. The black sub-color for his clothing underneath is a nice touch to the overall aesthetic. It is one of those 'less is more' kind of deals.

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