The best controller settings for Apex Legends

Improve performance, despite the handicaps (Image via EA)
Improve performance, despite the handicaps (Image via EA)

Apex Legends is an extremely competitive and challenging battle royale first-person shooter that has remained popular three years in. The game encourages players to pick whatever control method works for them, and thankfully, almost everything can be customized.

Controllers are often looked down upon by PC gamers, as a mouse is typically a more reliable aiming method. The controller has fans, from console die-hards to enemies of the keyboard, and their mapping options are still important and viable.

Best controller settings in Apex Legends

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While some tips will improve performance on the controller in Apex Legends, the best way to find the perfect build is through trial and error. These tips can help players pull off common strategies and improve their game.

Bumper Jumper

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Apex Legends players simply must be able to aim while jumping, and it's far too important to give up. By rebinding the jump button to the front left bumper (R1 or Rb), players can mash their jump while keeping a thumb on the sticks.

Jumping while firing keeps the player harder to hit and makes a quick escape more plausible. Keeping the jump command on one of the face buttons is a largely untenable strategy.

Crouching and Aiming


Controller players will often be faced with the opposite advice given to their keyboard and mouse. A perfect example is how the controller players will need to handle crouching and aiming.

Crouching is best set to hold in keyboard situations, but controller players should use a toggle. Again, this is all about keeping a thumb on the right stick so that players can aim while crouching. With toggled crouching, they can also mash crouch while aiming to make themselves harder to hit.

Aiming, on the other hand, should be set to hold. Toggle aiming works fine with the right mouse button, but controller players want to be snapping in and out of aim as often as possible. Shifting the field of view takes a moment longer on the controller, putting aim on hold will compensate for that.

Advanced Look Controls


Apex Legends features a handful of settings that will be key to keeping controller players on par with their opponents. While most of the settings in the ALC menu aren't important, a few are crucial.

The biggest thing on this menu is the Yaw Speed, turn this setting up as much as it is tolerable. This setting controls how fast the player can look left and right. This needs to be very high to compensate for the instant response of mouse aiming.

Pitch Speed should also be pretty high, though closer to the middle than the previous stat. ADS Yaw and Pitch are dangerous settings that will need to be adjusted with caution. Too much will make precision impossible, and not enough will render it too slow. Use trial and error in the game's Firing Range to dial in this important setting.

Apex Legends features a ton of important stats that must be considered before trying for the highest echelons. Players will have to find their perfect build, using these tips to set a baseline.

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