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The Fortnite update 16.10 is bringing back moving storm circles, and the community loves it

Fortnite update 16.10 is bringing back moving storm circles (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Fortnite update 16.10 is bringing back moving storm circles (Image via Epic Games/Fortnite)
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Epic Games is all set to bring back moving storm circles with the Fortnite update 16.10, and the community approves of this move.

According to Fortnite Status on Twitter, the publisher will experiment with bringing back moving storm circles to non-competitive modes for the last two zones.

Moving circles exist outside Fortnite as well, in games such as Call Of Duty: Warzone, and are a norm within these games. Final moving circles bring a whole new set of dynamics and factors that players will need to consider before rotating.

Fortnite update 16.10 brings back moving storm circles; here’s how they work

Unlike the final storm circles that the game has now, following Fortnite update 16.10, they will keep moving till the Victory Royale is achieved.

Moving storm circles are zones that form outside the current safe zone, forcing everyone to move to it. Rather than have a camp-off or heal-off between teams, players will be forced to constantly move to survive.

Wasting resources and building defenses, as well as stocking up on healing items to outlast the storm, will no longer be viable options.


In general, the Fortnite community seems to welcome this move. It will make end games interesting by forcing campers to abandon structures and engage in combat with opponents.

How does the community feel about moving storm circles?

For the most part, the Fortnite community welcomes this move. According to many players, moving storm circles are much better than having a heal-off during the end game.


Going by the community’s overwhelmingly positive feedback, moving storm circles may just be implemented throughout the entire season and not just an experiment following the new update.

However, despite the positive feedback, there are a few minor disadvantages associated with moving storm circles. A Reddit user, u/happy_husko, wrote:

“I’ve been in games in the final two where the storm both forces us to move to a neutral location, like to the left or right of us. When that happens, it is great. However, if someone has the storm directly behind their position, then it is even worse. This is because the storm moving and shrinking means you have to move way quicker to avoid dying to the storm.”
“I’ve died to the storm twice already in the top 2 solos because of this. The person who doesn’t have to move much has an even greater advantage than before. It would be great if it would just detect the position of the remaining players and place the circle accordingly.”

Although the moving storm circles may undoubtedly put players at a disadvantage, it’s better than facing campers with high ground or individuals who have stocked up on healing items.

Besides the moving storm circles, Fortnite update 16.10 will unleash raptors, tweak the crafting system, adjust loot drops, and nerf the Primal Shotgun.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 12:13 IST
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