Which game is likely to bag the Best Indie title at The Game Awards 2021? 

Best Indie Game at the Game Awards (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best Indie Game at the Game Awards (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the most respected awards in the gaming industry, The Game Awards, is almost upon us. Each year, the Game Awards marks and recognizes the efforts and talents that go into many different games across many different categories. One of the rather under-appreciated categories is that of Best Indie Game.

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After being held online last year, the Game Awards 2021 returns to a physical venue at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 9. Here's a look at this year's Best Indie game nominations.

The most likely title for this year's Best Indie Game award at the Game Awards

The Best Indie Game title is one of the most prestigious awards for the indie scene in the video games industry. The previous recipients of the accolade are as follows:

Past Best Indie Game winners

  • Shovel Knight - Yacht Club Games - 2014
  • Rocket League - Psyonix - 2015
  • Inside - Playdead - 2016
  • Cuphead - Studio MDHR - 2017
  • Celeste - Matt Makes Games - 2018
  • Disco Elysium - ZA/UM - 2019
  • Hades - Supergiant Games - 2020
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This year's list has a number of exciting nominations that are sure to delight the fans of this genre.

Best Indie Game nominees

  • 12 Minutes - Luis Antonio/Annapurna Interactive
  • Death's Door - Acid Nerve/Devolver Digital
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Ember Lab
  • Inscryption - Daniel Mullin Games/Devolver Digital
  • Loop Hero - Four Quarters/Devolver Digital

12 Minutes


Developer - Luis Antonio/Annapurna Interactive.

This nominee is a top-down interactive thriller where the player (the husband) sees a police officer accuse his wife of murder while being trapped inside a time-loop. Each loop lasts twelve minutes within which the husband has to find clues inside the apartment.

12 Minutes is an exciting game to plunge into. The game also features an excellent celebrity cast including James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe.

Death's Door


Developer - Acid Nerve/Devolver Digital.

Playing as a crow whose job is to reap and collect the souls of the dead, the player is tasked with bringing back the thief who has stolen one of the assigned souls. The game is visually appealing and boasts of engaging mechanics and puzzles.

Death's Door has solid scores from the critics and is a strong contender for accolades at the Game Awards.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits


Developer - Ember Lab.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a visually stunning game developed by a small group of developers. Players take on the character of a young spirit guide wielding a staff that gives both magical and ranged attacks. There are intriguing puzzles to solve with fast-paced combat and an immersive story in this title.



Developer - Daniel Mullin Games/Devolver Digital.

Inscryption is a deck-building RPG set in the horror genre. The player is a YouTuber called Luke Carder, who is trapped in a cabin while trying to escape by defeating a supernatural force in a card game.

The game has really interesting gameplay progression justifying its nomination at the Game Awards.

Loop Hero


Developer - Four Quarters/Devolver Digital.

Loop Hero is an endless RPG that is situated in a randomly generated world where players affect the setting by placing cards rather than controlling characters. Players are provided with the freedom to make their own distinct worlds within the unique 80s esthetic of the game.

Final Prediction

All the titles on the Best Indie Game list at this year's Game Awards justify their nominations in the first place. Each of them is gorgeous and visually striking with their own nuanced gameplay mechanics and approach to storytelling.

Having said that, it is more than likely that either Death's Door or 12 Minutes will end up having the honor of picking up the title at the Game Awards. The former promises a memorable adventure filled with quirky combat and immersive puzzles. The latter brings an interesting twist in its storytelling while using the concept of a time-loop.

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