The rarest Wraith skins in Apex Legends

The voice from the void (Image via Respawn)
The voice from the void (Image via Respawn)

Apex Legends dropped three years ago with a cast of iconic and lovable characters who've remained fan favorites. The characters who have been around the longest have the most cosmetic options to choose from and the most different possible looks.

Wraith is one of the flagship legends of the game, introduced with its release back in 2019. She's been a favorite of casual fans and hardcore tournament players since the beginning. Her teleportation moves and no-nonsense attitude have left an impression on the player base. Wraith is an iconic piece of Respawn's blockbuster battle royale.

Apex Legends: The rarest Wraith skins


Since Wraith has been a part of Apex Legends since the beginning, she's been in every event that has come and gone. Almost every season or battle pass has introduced a skin or two to Wraith's list, and most of those can no longer be acquired.

1) Forgotten in the Void


Apex Legends is one of many games that introduces loot drops for Prime Gaming users. Those willing to tie their Twitch account to the game get certain rewards, but not a lot of people take advantage of that.

The Forgotten in the Void skin gives a bit of color to Wraith's default black gear. It resembles a spray paint aesthetic, as if she's been tagged by a graffiti artist.

2) Bloodshot

This skin only came to those who joined the game in its first year and played on PlayStation 4. The game is primarily dominated by PC players and the player base has only grown over the years. With both of these limits, this skin rarely makes an appearance.

Bloodshot Wraith isn't the most striking skin of hers, but it does carry foreboding energy. The red eyes that cover her gear turn her into a menacing horror villain-esque figure.

3) High Class


This Legendary skin came into the game in Season 7, over a year ago. Players could only get their hands on it by reaching level 25 of that season's battle pass. That would take a lot of work and could only be done over a short period of time.

The High Class skin is one of the more significant changes to her appearance. Instead of making her a robot or a marble statue, this skin imagines a wealthy aristocrat iteration of the character.

4) Night Terror


This scary skin made its way into Apex Legends in the very first battle pass. Players would've needed to join the game and get 15 levels in before the first season ended to get their hands on it.

Night Terror is a beautiful and horrific look for the haunted hero. It's a shame players don't get to see this one more often because it is a dynamic outfit.

5) Protector of the Void

This Legendary skin sees Wraith in the role of a powerful Viking warrior. Unfortunately, players can only get it through the Iron Crown Collection Event in Season Two.

Wraith looks great in armor, braids, and face paint. This skin is reserved for skilled players who've been in the game since the early days.

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