The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is mixing two themes into a single game

Welcome to Brittania (Image via Netmarble)
Welcome to Brittania (Image via Netmarble)

It's barely a month into 2022, and Netmarble has already announced the arrival of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin. An open-world, action-adventure RPG set in the world of Brittania, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will explore and expand the series it is based on.

Although we have no confirmed release dates, the trailer and first impressions speak volumes about the focus and dedication the developers have put into the game. And going simply based on the trailer, the game seemingly attempts to strike a balance between two distinct design philosophies.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is making a bold attempt to mix open-world exploration and gacha.


And Netmarble is doing it somewhat as a challenge. The game has been developed as a successor and sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. As such, Netmarble has revamped and created entirely new systems devoid of the previous game's technical limitations.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin's trailer speaks volumes about its features. The trailer shows Melodias walking through the streets, fighting monsters with flashy moves, and even calling Diane for help. The game boasts an expansive open world with vast wilds and bustling towns.

Since it's set in the enormous world of Brittania that has been explored in other formats, the world will be detailed and chock full of places to visit.

Players can climb mountains, go underwater, run across big fields and fight giant monsters. The distinct art styles are somewhat reminiscent of Breath of the Wild. Now we're not suggesting that this game will become the next Zelda, but it's good to see other games taking tips and tricks from their trench buddies.

Speaking of taking tips, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin took the whole book from Genshin Impact. The game will have an Open-world, action-RPG setting and incorporate the Gacha system. And it's true, Genshin has successfully managed to find the right combination between the two.

You can fly too (Image via Netmarble)
You can fly too (Image via Netmarble)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin has one advantage over all other titles in the same category, for it can draw from an already established lore and world. And that you can swim underwater in this game sets it apart from Genshin Impact.

Players don the mantle of a capable new protagonist named Tristan. But he also has friends who he can call on for help in a fight or solve a puzzle.

Genshin Impact needs rivalries. The only game that provides any measure of competition to Genshin's unbridled monopoly is Honkai Impact. And quite ironically, Honkai Impact happens to be developed by miHoYo themselves.

So all hope is riding on the back of the game to make it past the initial hurdle of development and launch. The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is currently in development for PC, mobile, and consoles, so it could be a while until we see anything more than the trailer.