Top 3 event concepts fans want to see in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO may have new event types coming in the future (Image via Niantic)
Pokemon GO may have new event types coming in the future (Image via Niantic)
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Pokemon GO has a variety of events that take place in the game and more of these have been added since 2016. Still, there are still a few interesting events that can be implemented in the hit mobile game.

Current popular events that the game has are Community Days, Spotlight Hours, Incense Days, Limited Research tasks, and a variety of seasonal festivals. While Niantic has done a marvelous job of incorporating new and recurring events, there is still plenty of room for more of these limited-time opportunities to be added to the game.

Here are the top three event concepts that trainers would love to see added to Pokemon GO.

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Top 3 events players want added to Pokemon GO

#3 - Pokemon/Animal Crossover

Sawsbuck in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Sawsbuck in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO is all about getting players out walking and exploring new places. Also, there are countless Pokemon that strikingly resemble animals in real life.

Thus an event focused around Pokemon that look like real-life animals would be a great opportunity for Niantic. If such an event comes to the game, it will likely revolve around trainers catching a Pocket Monster that resembles a certain animal commonly found in their area.

Perhaps players would not only have to catch these kinds of Pokemon, but also submit a picture to the game of them spotting a similar-looking animal in real life. An event like this would encourage more players to walk and explore wildlife areas around them; something Niantic has always had in mind with Pokemon GO.

#2 - Breeding Bonanza

The Pokemon Nursery (Image via Game Freak)
The Pokemon Nursery (Image via Game Freak)

Breeding is an element that has been incorporated into the core series Pokemon games for a long time now. Unfortunately this feature is yet to be added to the hit mobile game, though it gives players something to be excited about when it finally arrives.

Of course, players can hatch eggs in Pokemon GO, but that's far from the specific breeding that other games from the franchise have implemented. An event based around the addition of a Pokemon breeding function will be an instant hit with players of the game.

The event could reward players who breed a certain amount of specific Pokemon during a limited time period.

#1 - Masterball Mayhem

A Masterball (Image via The Pokemon Company)
A Masterball (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Currently the famous, 100% catch-rate, Masterball is not available to players of Pokemon GO. However, dataminers have found evidence that this awesome pokeball could appear in the game in the future.

What better way to introduce this incredibly rare catching device than with an event surrounding it? The event could consist of several difficult challenges that a trainer would have to complete within a certain timeframe in order to be rewarded with a single Masterball.

If an event like this should ever come to the game, players should be ready to take advantage of it because this pokeball is the rarest of the rare.

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