Top 5 ARK Fjordur cave locations in 2022

Top 5 ARK Fjordur cave locations (Image via ARK Fandom)
Top 5 ARK Fjordur cave locations (Image via ARK Fandom)

ARK Fjordur just launched on June 12, 2022, the same date as the reveal of ARK 2 on Xbox Bethesda Gaming Showcase. After the notable success of ARK: Lost Island, fans are excited about the new DLC map. This map takes survivors to vast lands filled with lush forests and snowy mountain-tops, straight out of Norse mythology.

The map features four new creatures chosen by the ARK community:

  • Andrewsarchus
  • Fjordhawk
  • Desmodus
  • Fenrir

ARK Fjordur has PvP and PvE modes and many dedicated servers for both of them. Building bases is one of the primary objectives of the game.

The base is where players and tribes are supposed to store their resources, keep their tames, and hide from attacking enemies. These caves are great for building bases in Fjordur. So here are the top 5 cave locations in ARK Fjordur.

5 best caves in ARK Fjordur, their locations, and unique features

1) Shimmering Halls

  • LAT: 8.4
  • LON: 62.6

Shimmering Halls, one of the title's Lord of the Rings references, is one of the largest caves in ARK Fjordur. It is one of the best base locations in Fjordur for both PvP and PvE modes. Reaching the location, first players will see a big gate decorated with giant Norse statues and waterfalls.

Passing that gate leads to the main entrance to the cave, which will lead the player through a long narrow bridge over a massive pool of lava. The bridge is divided into two parts, revealing two chambers.

On the left side, there is a relatively smaller chamber, which continuously spawns loot drops. Going straight, there is a massive chamber with lots of small pre-built houses for accommodation.

2) Caverns of Time

  • LAT: 86.4
  • LON: 98.2

The Caverns of Time is definitely the most beautiful cave in ARK Fjordur. To enter the cave, players have to reach 86.4, 98.2 and dive straight underwater until they see a portal window. The portal will take them to a magical zero-gravity passage with blue glowing crystals. Following that passage, they will reach the main hall of the Caverns of Time.

It is a space themed cave with no gravity. In the main hall, there are several other portal gates that teleport players to small floating islands in the space. Cavern of Time is probably the best metal spawning location on the entire Fjordur map. The whole area is also rich with other resources.

3) Mines of Moria

  • LAT: 82.2
  • LON: 21.2

This is another cave in ARK Fjordur with Lord of the Rings references. The Mines of Moria is located at the South of the big lake in Vardiland. Passing through the main entrance, players have to cross a pool of lava to enter the main hall. The main hall is massive in size, and there are also small prebuilt houses. This cave is enough to accommodate a whole mid-sized tribe.

In the main hall there are three gates. One leads to a small room taken from the Lord of the Rings, another to the metal mine, and the last one to an aberrant-themed cave. The Mines of Moria is another great metal spawn zone in Fjordur. And the aberrant cave is a good source of crystals and organic polymers.

4) Yellow Crystal Cave

  • LAT: 29.2
  • LON: 39.4

The Yellow Crystal Cave is once again one of the largest caves in ARK Fjordur. The entrance is well hidden with greenery from common view. Players can only see the entrance after reaching the exact co-ordinates of 29.2, 39.4.

After entering the cave, players will face a narrow chokepoint. By passing the chokepoint, they will enter the vast forest area of the cave.

This is one of the hardest caves to raid in PvP mode. The water source in the forest area is rich in crystals and metal. The entire cave is lit 24/7 with yellow crystals, which helps while working at night. There is also an adequate amount of obsidian outside the cave.

5) Ice Crouch Cave

  • LAT: 8.7
  • LON: 24.3

This cave is located at the extreme top of the ARK Fjordur map in the mountain region of Vannaland. As the name suggests, Ice Crouch Cave is famous for its extremely narrow entrance. It is only wide enough for small dinos to pass through it, making it a good choice for both PvP and PvE bases.

The entire cave is lit with white crystals. Inside the cave is a massive area, containing several bridges, structures and chokepoints to easily trap enemies. Water bodies in the cave take care of breeding needs. The 6X area starts right from the entrance of the cave where players can put some turrets for solid defense.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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