5 best Water type Pokemon trainers in the anime

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Water type Pokemon are among the favorites of many Pokemon trainers. The mystery and magnificence of the oceans and other water bodies are reflected in Water type Pokemon. It is why many trainers decide to make Water type Pokemon their specialty.

Water type Pokemon use a variety of moves. Some of them cause various status effects, while others cause stat reductions. Their only weakness is Electric and Grass type attacks.

The anime has featured several trainers who are Water type specialists. They have showcased the beauty and power of Water type Pokemon very well.

Five best Water type trainers in the anime

#5 - Lana

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company

Lana met Ash and Pikachu while fishing with Popplio on a Poke Ride Lapras. She lives with her mother, father, and younger twin sisters Harper and Sarah. Her Popplio evolved into its final form, Primarina, and became quite the battler. With the help of a Primarium Z, her Primarina can use Oceanic Operetta to pressure opponents.

#4 - Misty

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company

Misty is one of Ash's oldest friends and the Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym. Her dream is to become the best Water type Pokemon trainer. As a Gym leader, she has a lot of powerful Pokemon. Her Gyarados, which can Mega Evolve, is her mainstay Pokemon.

#3 - Wallace

Image via Pokemon Company

Wallace was first seen on the Sinnoh Now television program during the Wallace Cup advertisement taking place on the shores of Lake Valor.

Wallace was the former Sootopolis City Gym Leader, who eventually became the Pokemon Champion of the Hoenn League. He is also an accomplished Pokemon Coordinator, having won the Ribbon Cup and Top Coordinator title with his powerful Milotic.

#2 - Marlon

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Marlon is the Gym Leader of the Humilau Gym. He has a strong team of Water Pokemon that perform well in the Gym's open ocean battlefield. His Jellicent and Mantine are powerful Pokemon.

#1 - Siebold

Image via Pokemon Company
Image via Pokemon Company

Siebold is a Kalos Elite Four member and operates a luxury restaurant where he is the head chef. Being a member of the Elite Four, he is a truly strong trainer. His Blastoise, which can Mega Evolve, is his ace Pokemon. With powerful moves such as Dragon pulse, he defeated Alain's powerful Mega Evolved Charizard in battle.

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