Top 5 Dota 2 heroes for new players in 2021

Best Dota 2 heroes for new players in 2021 (Images via Valve)
Best Dota 2 heroes for new players in 2021 (Images via Valve)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Dota 2 is a constantly evolving game with regular changes for the in-game meta to ensure a balanced and competitive environment.

However, for new players trying Dota 2 for the first time, the game can be an absolute nightmare. With more than 119 heroes to choose from, new players can often find themselves drafting a hero who is extremely difficult to master.

Having said that, there are certain heroes that are built to help new players understand the in-game mechanics. This article features five such heroes in Dota 2 that are ideal for new players.

5 best Dota 2 heroes for new players

#5 - Undying


Although this support hero can be an absolute monster in the hands of an experienced player, Undying is a fairly easy to play hero in Dota 2. This strength-based hero is not only capable of stealing an enemy's strength points but can also heal allies in a team fight.

Additionally, Undying's Tombstone is one of the best team fighting abilities in the game and the hero's fairly simple ultimate ability makes him one of the easiest heroes to master in Dota 2.

#4 - Lion


One of the strongest support heroes in Dota 2, Lion boasts an arsenal featuring two disables. Additionally, the character also gains additional magic damage for each enemy that dies within 3 seconds of being affected by Lion's ultimate ability.

On top of everything, Lion is also capable of stealing their enemies' mana to replenish his own mana pool. With fairly simple abilities and a straight forward item build, Lion is a must-try hero for every new player in Dota 2.

#3 - Spirit Breaker


Although Spirit Breaker is often disregarded by many experienced players, he is one of the best heroes in Dota 2. Usually played as a roaming support, Spirit Breaker is capable of charging at enemies with massive movement speed.

Additionally, the hero also has an ability that gives them a massive movement speed as well as Status Resistance boost. On top of everything, the hero's third and ultimate abilities provide Spirit Breaker with a disabling ability that pierces magic immunity. All these factors combine to make Spirit Breaker one of the simplest heroes for new players to try in Dota 2.

#2 - Crystal Maiden


Arguably one of the simplest heroes in Dota 2, Crystal Maiden is the go-to support for many new players in the game. The hero boasts a high-damage nuking ability, a strong disabling ability and a passive ability which grants additional mana regeneration to all allies.

Additionally, the hero also features a rather simple item build owing to her highly impactful abilities. Considering the fact that Crystal Maiden's abilities are fairly simple and easy to cast, she is a hero that new Dota 2 players must try to learn about the in-game mechanics.

#1 - Bristleback


It should not come as a surprise that Bristleback is the only core hero to appear on this list. Although Bristleback is designed in such a manner that the hero can perform in any core role, new players are suggested to only use the hero as an off-laner.

Bristleback's single role as an off-laner is to continuously cast his Quill Spray ability while also ensuring that the enemies are forced to attack him from behind.

As the name suggests, Bristleback takes reduced damage whenever he is attacked from behind while also passively casting an additional round of Quill Spray every time the hero receives a certain amount of damage from behind.

Considering Dota 2's complicated gameplay, Bristleback is an ideal choice for new players to get a better understanding of features like movements, attack animation, projectile speed, hero turn rate, and much more.

Edited by Gautham Balaji

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