Top 5 Fortnite glitches that actually broke the entire game

The worst game-breaking glitches in Fortnite (Image via Top5Gaming - YouTube and Epic Games)
The worst game-breaking glitches in Fortnite (Image via Top5Gaming - YouTube and Epic Games)

Fortnite has seen its fair share of bugs and glitches since the game's release in 2017 and some of them have been absolutely game-breaking.

Ranging from glitches that make players partly invisible to a game-breaking bug that allows players to secure infinite Victory Royales, Fortnite players have seen it all. Having said that, given that Fortnite is a constantly evolving experience, every new season in the game is subjected to various unpleasant bugs.

Needless to say, the developers at Epic Games perform a brilliant task to swiftly address and remove such game-breaking glitches from Fortnite. However, despite the developer's best efforts, many players have been subjected to extremely disappointing experiences in the game.

This article features five such game-breaking bugs that are dreaded by the entire Fortnite community.

Most unpleasant game-breaking glitches in Fortnite

#5 - The infinite healing Zero Point glitch

This glitch was discovered during Season 5 when the Zero Point started to grow reactive. Although the glitch was quickly patched by Epic Games, it was an extremely disheartening experience when it existed. This glitch allowed players to continuously heal themselves using the Zero Point to survive the damage inflicted by the storm.

This resulted in players being able to snatch up Victory Royales by simply jumping into the Zero Point to restore 100 health points repeatedly. This further meant that players who tried to survive and eliminate everyone else inside the playing circle eventually ended up losing the game despite their best efforts.

#4 - The Floating Head glitch

Fortnite has witnessed a fair share of glitches that can turn a player invisible in the game. However, there was a Season 4 glitch which allowed players to turn entirely invisible, except for their heads. The glitch could be performed by dressing up as one of Doom's henchmen and executing the Suit Up emote.

Doing this resulted in a situation where only the player's head remained visible. This further allowed the player to hide their visible heads with much more ease when compared to their entire physical structure. However, Epic Games was quick to patch this glitch to ensure an optimal gameplay experience in Fortnite.

#3 - The Secret Corner in Colossal Coliseum

There used to be a secret corner inside the Colossal Coliseum POI where players could build ramps to eventually hide themselves behind an indestructible wall. The fact that this glitch allowed players to shoot at their enemies while remaining unspottable makes this glitch one of the dirtiest ones in Fortnite.

Although Epic Games was quick to release a fix for this glitch, getting shot at by an invisible enemy is an experience that can have various adverse effects on a player.

#2 - The Sand Tunnel glitch

Ever since Epic Games introduced the sand tunneling feature in Fortnite Season 5, there have been a couple of game-breaking glitches that have ruined the in-game experience for various players. Apart from allowing players to sand tunnel even in non-sandy regions, there was a specific glitch which allowed players to hide the visible sand mound that appears during sand tunneling.

To execute this glitch, players had to fire a harpoon right at the moment when they were about to get sucked into the quicksand. If executed properly, players would render themselves undetectable from all enemies in Fortnite.

#1 - The Infinite Victory Royale glitch

During the course of Season 4 in Fortnite, a few players discovered that a specific glitch allowed them to rack up countless Victory Royales even if they get eliminated. The glitch, which could be triggered by hacking into a Stark Robot and dying before anything happened to the hacked bot, was quickly addressed by the developers.

However, the entire duration when it existed in Fortnite, multiple players abused the glitch to earn tons of XP from infinite Victory Royales.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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