Top 5 LEGO games to get into in 2022

The first Lego game was called 'Lego Fun to Build', released in 1995 (Image via LEGO group/Twitter)
The first Lego game was called 'Lego Fun to Build', released in 1995 (Image via LEGO group/Twitter)
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The first LEGO-themed video game came out in 1995 on Sega Pico, an edutainment console for children.

Since then, there have been 84 more games to follow suit, the bulk of which is produced by TT Games (formerly Travellers' Tales). While they have mostly remained true to their original promise of kid-friendliness, these games have evolved emphatically in entertainment value, so much so that they often warrant serious nominations in major video game award programs.

Some of these titles, especially their tie-ups with different franchises, tower above the rest as TT Games keep outdoing themselves. Going into 2022, here are the five must-try titles from the LEGO games library if you have never played any.

5 best LEGO games till date

1) LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 (2010)


The numerous Harry Potter games and spinoffs thus far have been mostly hit-or-miss. While the officially licensed tie-in games released with the movies really tapered off in their charm in later years, the LEGO attempt at the franchise picked it right back up.

This is the oldest title on this list, and it recapitulates everything that was great about the first decade of franchised LEGO games - its mute but expressive characters, its relaxed charm, and its seamless adaptation of the source material.

2) LEGO DC Super-villains (2018)


LEGO DC Super-villains is likely the peak of superhero-themed LEGO games. This is a spot that many avid fans of the LEGO games series would reserve for the LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

LEGO DC Super-villains only builds on the foundations that Marvel Superheroes and Marvel Superheroes 2 laid without doing anything new gameplay-wise. But its supervillain-studded romp through Gotham, New York, and Metropolis is nevertheless the most authentic whimsical LEGO experience in a modern LEGO game, topped off with an all-star voice cast, including the likes of Mark Hamill and Nolan North.

3) LEGO Lord of The Rings (2012)


LEGO Lord of The Rings is not only one of the best LEGO games that cemented the franchise's reputation but also one of the most authentic adaptations of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

While the combat and structure remain very barebones, directed towards a very young demographic, the attention to recreating some of the iconic set pieces from the movies is worthy of notice. It also has one of the biggest cast of characters to unlock in any LEGO game.

4) LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes (2012)


There is a great deal that LEGO Batman 2 pioneers for the LEGO franchise at large. Most importantly, it is the first of its kind to shift gears from hub-centric semi-open worlds to a fully open-world Gotham where the player can run amok.

It is also the first-ever LEGO game with voice-acting, and it excels at this department wonderfully with its colorful cast that eventually gets filled with the entire Justice League quartet taking on the Joker and Lex Luthor.

5) LEGO City Undercover (2013)


LEGO City Undercover was the first major release for the Nintendo Wii U after the system launched. This was a weight that the game carried in a LEGO game without a sliver of fandom-servicing for Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, or any other major franchise.

LEGO City Undercover may not break the top 5 of highest sales in LEGO games, but it remains a criminally underrated installment that shines above most of its companion titles.

It is best described as a LEGO game that peppers the franchise's characteristic busywork and linear levels on top of urban open-world darlings like GTA or Saint's Row. The most notable feature for this game is its plethora of regions and sub-regions to explore and look for secrets and collectibles in.

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