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Top 5 Nuzlocke moments caught on stream

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
Brandon Moore
Modified 26 Jan 2021
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Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges have been all the rage for quite some time, delivering some entertaining moments.

Since the dawn of streaming, Pokemon players have streamed their Nuzlocke attempts to their audiences. There isn't much that matches the level of excitement than a brutal and randomized Pokemon challenge.

These Nuzlocke challenges have given fans of Pokemon so many memories. From favorite streamers to newbies going viral during one of their attempts, there are a lot of Nuzlocke moments to enjoy.

Top 5 Nuzlocke moments caught on stream

#5 - xQc First Encounter

Félix "xQc" Lengyel has attempted many Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges. This has brought many more eyes and players to the series and to these types of attempts. A high profile streamer such as xQc has done nothing but good for the Pokemon community.


In one of the more hilarious Nuzlocke moments, xQc is ready to start a Pokemon Black/White playthrough. His first encounter, and his first available Pokemon to capture, is coming. The randomizer chooses to give him a Rattata and leaves him speechless.

#4 - Mistaken Mewtwo

This is another funny moment that sees two streamers doing a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke challenge side by side. This version of the challenge is known as a Cagelocke. The randomness factors even sees Legendary or Mythical encounters flipped upside down.

One player emphatically calls out that the randomized Pokemon will be a Metwo due to hearing the cry before the encounter. His excitement is visible and the other player bursts into laughter. Why? Because it is a Paras and not a Mewtwo at all.

#3 - aDrive's Storm Silver Deaths


Daniel "aDrive" Clap is one of, if not the most popular Pokemon streamer on Twitch. He has played through many Nuzlocke challenges and hacked ROMs on his channel. Storm Silver was one of his toughest challenges to date.

The entire run was streamed for his viewers to watch and per the rules, each time a Pokemon fainted, it would be gone for good. So many of his Pokemon were lost to the Nuzlocke challenge that he made an entire Death Montage of it.

#2 - Hardest Gen V Nuzlocke

Blaze Black is a hacked and modified version of Pokemon Black. Pokemon Challenges is known for taking on, well, tough Pokemon challenges, including Nuzlockes. This specific Gen V version and its Nuzlocke are said to be the toughest around.

In front of all of his viewers, he did what many Pokemon players have failed to do. He completed the Blaze Black Nuzlocke attempt. So many have tried and had to start again and again due to losing battles. Pokemon Challenges completed it and with proof.

#1 - Blind Sword and Shield Nuzlocke

YouTuber Patterz attempted one of the hardest Nuzlocke challenges to do when Sword and Shield released. A Blind attempt means playing the game for the very first time without having any knowledge of the story or Pokemon found within.

On stream, Patterz fought hard to learn the ins and outs of Sword and Shield. This most recent Generation isn't particularly difficult, but any Nuzlocke, especially a Blind one, makes things hard. It wasn't long until he defeated the challenge without a loss but still had plenty of entertaining moments throughout the playthroughs

Published 26 Jan 2021, 02:46 IST
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