Top 5 Raid encounters of all time in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Last wish (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Last wish (image source via Bungie)

Bungie's top-tier level design has been irrefutably loved by all Destiny 2 players in the past. From gunplay to eye-catching visuals, this game isn't only about beautiful yet confusing terrains, but also puzzles which mess with the mind.

Raids in Destiny 2 is Bungie's Magnum Opus each year. With every raid just getting better and tougher, while cracking a single encounter may be frustrating to some players, the ultimate satisfaction that comes after figuring out a solution to one has no equal in this 6 player co-op activity.

Listed below are the Top 5 Best Raid Encounters of Destiny 2:

5) Summon the Consecrated Mind:

The encounter comes second in "Garden of Salvation." raid that was added with the Shadowkeep expansion.

The encounter starts in a new arena near plated areas. Four guardians need to be assigned near each base, with two of them using portals to run from one base to another.

The main objective of the encounter is to defend each base until the fight against the vex ends.

Destiny 2 garden of salvation (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 garden of salvation (image source via Bungie)

The Garden of Salvation was among the very first raids to introduce tethering to the co-op system. With each enemy being protected by shields, guardians need to gain an elemental buff to defeat the shielded enemies near each base.

Two guardians need to tether each other onto a black star to gain the buff. Black stars can be blocked by a Vex Powerful Hydra called "Angelic". The Guardian needs to keep an eye on Angelics to progress further into the encounter.

4) Sparrow Race from Scourge of the Past:

Scourge of the Past was the third raid in Destiny 2 introduced with the Forsaken expansion. Since the raid was used to acquire the best exotic weapon in the game called "Anarchy," Guardians used every week to dive deep into the encounters to get the rare exotic drop.

Scourge of the Past might have been a short raid, but the communication and callouts needed to end each encounter were intense.

One of these was the second level in an encounter called Escape, Botza Underground.

Destiny 2 Ablazed Glory (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Ablazed Glory (image source via Bungie)

This particular encounter required all six Guardians to escape by riding a sparrow from a giant flaming servitor chasing them. Any Two Guardians need to reach the end of the road to flick a switch at the same time to shut the flaming servitor up.

3) Space Walk:

The Space Walk is the fourth encounter or, the jumping puzzle of the raid "Deep Stone Crypt". The Guardian won't be encountering any elite enemies or bosses here.

They have to traverse through multiple platforms in wide-out space with the entire planet of Europa serving as a stunning backdrop.

Destiny 2 deep stone crypt (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 deep stone crypt (image source via Bungie)

The encounter has been on the Guardian's list as one of the most peaceful in raids to date. Due to the calm nature of outer space along with the beautiful soundtrack that goes along with it, an outer space concept is a first in any encounter of Destiny 2.

2) Atheon: Time's Conflux Boss Fight

The lore of the past and the present alongside Vex is no longer a newborn plotline to the guardians of Destiny 2. Following this, Destiny introduced this gem of a raid called, "Vault of Glass".

Guardians must face the boss Atheon, where they can travel to either the past or present to slay enemies, coordinate with their fireteam members about the correct order of oracles and then finally deal damage to the main boss of the raid.

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Vault of Glass (image source via Bungie)

With the recent addition to the tally of Destiny 2 raids, the Guardians get to experience this fun yet challenging encounter again.

Three of the Guardians will be sent in either the past or the future at the start of the encounter. With the six guardians split into two teams, they need to communicate to crack puzzles and lastly deal damage to the boss.

1) The Vault:

The Vault is the second last encounter of the raid, "The Last Wish" that came with the Forsaken expansion. The encounter is still one of the hardest puzzles recorded to date on Day 1.

The encounter required the fire team of six to divide into three teams. Each team is required to stand on a plate and the fireteams have to communicate with each other by reading one of sixteen signs produced to each of them.

One of the two teams will get the same sign as the first reader of signs. If one symbol is present on the right, that plate will require an Antumbra buff to cleanse it. In the same vein, a plate on the left will require a buff called Penumbra.

Destiny 2 Vault encounter (image source via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Vault encounter (image source via Bungie)

Additionally, each team has to eliminate a knight while defending a plate. The location of the three plates can be derived as The Stairs, The Rock, and The Trees.

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